BLOOD IS RED Episode #3: Hunter Hunterson & Sons (Part 2)

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“Hunter Hunterson & Sons” (Part 2)

Hunter Hunterson and his son Bo are thrown into a heated conflict with a demon Oni, a man that is either a white-haired sorcerer or an aging Grateful Dead fan (or possibly both), and a meth-addicted, bail-skipping vampire (who just happened to be a high school basketball teammate of Bo). Time to bust out the enchanted silver knuckles known as “Old Glory” and lay a whoopin’ down on the forces of evil.

The Atlanta Skeptics Star Party at Dragon*Con

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  1. ElCas

    Loved this story. I was chuckling at some the comparisons of how something was ugly/nice “The face ain’t as ugly as your uncle but…”

    After listening to the author notes, my assumptions were partially confirmed. I figured Scott came up with the idea of Dog the Bounty hunter meets the anime Hellsing.
    Can’t wait for future Hunterson & Sons adventures.

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