BLOOD IS RED Episode #2: Hunter Hunterson & Sons (Part 1)

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“Hunter Hunterson & Sons” (Part 1)

Welcome to a rare FDØ foray into supernatural fiction. That’s right, ghosts and goblins and vamps and werewolves and what-not. We hope you dig it.

The full title of this story is “Hunter Hunterson & Sons: War Journal.” That, however, is a little long when you figure the headline is going to be “BLOOD IS RED Episode #2: Hunter Hunterson & Sons – War Journal (Part 1)”, so we trimmed it a little bit.

Why the long names? Because “Hunter Hunterson & Sons” is an ongoing series. You’ll hear much more about that in the “author’s notes” segment of the story, which will play at the end of Part II next week.

You may have heard me waxing ecstatic about ComicCon, but all of that has changed. I have “Con Crud,” that lovely disease also known as “Nerd Flu” that tends to strike convention-goers. One of the 120,000 rotten bastards in SanDiego gave me this, and therefore I hate you all! I’m coughing up liquid Kryptonite, folks.

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  1. Christy Rowley

    Ok so I’m a Newbie to the Hunter Hunterson stories. I heard my first one in the Ganes Creatures a Play book. Is there somewhere I can read or listen to all their stories? I’m really digging these guys. It was probably my favorite story in the whole book! I don’t know what rock I’ve been under that I missed this!

    1. scottsigler

      Chrsity: There is one HH&S story in BLOOD IS RED, two in BONES ARE WHITE, there will be one in FIRE IS ORANGE, and the one you read in GAMES CREATURES PLAY. We don’t have them collected in one place yet, unfortunately.

  2. Factualvermin

    Thats awesome, they’ve actually done some touring with PtH. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, its just to bad I was to busy moshing to really listen closely to their stuff at the time. They were even better than dying fetus and goat whore for whom I went

  3. scottsigler

    I saw Protest the Hero when Maylene & The Sons of Disaster opened up for them at Slim’s in San Francisco. Holy crap, those guys can play. Haven’t heard Last Chance to Reason, but Pandora-ing them now. 

  4. Factualvermin

    Yay cursing! Great short story this week FDO.
    Also as a side note- I’m a fellow metal lover so I’m going to throw some music suggestions your way

    ,Corelia – super awsome little known band
    ,Protest the hero – because their Canadian ( fuck Justin )
    ,Last chance to reason – computer themed metal ( saw them in person So Awesome!)
    ,East of the wall – saw them too, also awesome!

    .PPS Fantastic job on these short story’s, but can’t wait for the MVP!!!!! Arrg with the waiting

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