BLOOD IS RED Episode #10: "Mt. Fitzroy, Chap. 1"

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“Mt. Fitzroy, Chapter 1”

The re-written, re-recorded first chapter of MT. FITZROY, the sequel to EARTHCORE. And if you listen all the way through to the end of the episode, you might … I repeat, might … hear when this friggin’ long-awaited sequel will finally be available for your Junkie face.

We wrapped it all up in Grand Rapids, MI, then chilled at the house of Coach and Ma Sigler. There was some fishing, a lot of food and a general sigh of relief. We cover all the details of the tour, and also our full plan of stories through 2014!

• “Scrolls” by Paul Elard Cooley

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  1. Robert Ney Stover

    Just finishing Mount Fitz Roy…… nail biter to the end! I am remembering from the first book…… unless I am mistaken there were 3 Three alien ships escaping right??? Is that a hint at a third book???? I sure hope so!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rloyear

    Guess as a new Junkie I am lucky that I only listened to Earthcore this year.  But… 6 years?  Feh… I started reading Wheel of Time right after book 3 came out…  I was in high school…  now I have almost finished paying off my mortgage… still waiting for that…

    and can’t even FATHOM how long Jean Auel has been stringing me along with her soft core caveman porn…

    and I’m not even going to mention George R.R. Martin.  Wait – I just did. 

    My POINT… is that 6 years is NOTHING when it comes to waiting for authors to finish stuff.

  3. agent_minivann

    When I finished Earthcore, my biggest complaint is that I didn’t get to see Angus die.  I wanted that punk to die as soon as he was introduced.  I can’t wait to see what happens.  This junkie wants his fix!

  4. SouthPaw42

    Angus really, I slept well for 6 years knowing little fucks like Angus get what they deserve. Is this is your little FU for the junkies bitching for so many years for the sequel?

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