BLOOD IS RED Episode #1: Wolf

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Sha-ka-paow! A new audibook begins right here, right now. These are stories from the BLOOD IS RED short story collection.

Do you like the short story format? Let us know in the comments.

I’m posting this on the last day of ComicCon in San Diego. ARealGirl and I have had quite the time and met some awesome peeps. Today imma hit the show floor and snag some comic books and what-not. Game on.

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  1. ScottEPond

    This is one of my favorite stories… I place it firmly between “Eusocial Networking” and “You’re a Damn Fool, Charlie Brown” in my top shorts list by the FDO.

  2. ogreoregon

    Yes! a great blast from the past. I remember the discussions as to which alien this creature might have been, and didn’t some Junkies send in drawings? I loved hearing it again. You paint awesome word pictures.

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