Baby McButter, Interviewer Extraordinaire

ARealGirl here — and I think Baby McButter might have had one of those “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” nights during the last SiglerFest.

Check her out interviewing our attendees. First off, she all of a sudden sounds like Triumph the Insult Comic, and maybe even more NSFW.  Also, she’s not exactly polite to our SiglerFest 2K12 attendees during her “interviews”.  Sigler said “this cake-topper-turned-journalist is out to get to the “truth” of all things.” I think she’s nothing but trouble.

It’s not too late to make your plans for SiglerFest 2K13!  We’ll be back at the Orleans Hotel & Casino, with movie night on Thursday, a field trip on Friday, human experimentation on Saturday, and foooooootball watching on Sunday!  Check out everything you need to know right here.

Click here to download the video.


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  1. Twainy

    That was truly hilarious! Triumph is spot on! I’d like to see more of Molly & the junkies. I hate missing out on such an awesome time! Cards Against Siglerism … I was going to say WHAT more (redacted) (redacted) but if you haven’t played the game you might not get the reference & like the game it was pretty crude. LOL hmmm I wouldn’t mind a Sigler expansion pack! Bravo Molly! x

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