ALONE Episode #28

After a crushing clash of memories, Matilda’s overwrite of Em is complete. Or is it? After a millenia of waiting, two separate people become a single entity. Who will that entity be?

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  1. Dave the Loud

    You asked for feedback on whether I saw this coming, and yes I though it a possibility. That may be because I had previously read the book, but even back then I had considered it as a possibility. I remember thinking it was long odds though as it was close to the end of the trilogy and you are a deadly author. I was of the opinion that Bishop, Spin and Co. would then have to take out Matilda as the likelier option.

  2. Melissa (My words and pages)

    Oh man. I sort of knew this would come to pass. You’ve hinted at it early on.

    I so wanted Em to make it through. But this feels to be the true path of the storyline. I feel as though we’ve lost Em though. Yes, she’s still there, but… she’s different. The Em that was unsure is now someone different. She feels more determined in the end of this episode. I don’t know what that means for Bishop or the others.

    I’m hoping *hoping* what she feels needs to be done is in the benefit of those Em’s grown close to and not for Matilda’s people. Because, I’ve grown close to Em’s group. We don’t know what path she will follow next. Or how she’ll take the experiences of both to make new decisions. I’m curious to see/hear how things turn out.

  3. Shane

    ok so I didn’t see that coming. I was holding out hope that Em would mind “eFF” mililda and win herself back. But I think this is a new interesting wrinkle, mixing the two. Well done Mr. Sigler! Now we have something new and old to play with, even if it’s only for a little while. 🙂

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