ALIVE Episode #22

A sneak-peek at Book II, ALIGHT

The cover of ALIGHT by Scott SiglerALIVE is over! Long live ALIGHT!

This is the sneak peek of ALIGHT, Book II of the Generations Trilogy and the sequel to ALIVE. It’s out April 5, 2016, but we have this clip of Scott reading it from SiglerFest 2015 last month.

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  1. David Roman

    ok, you had me for the first min or two. Thought it was a re-do of epp 1 of Alive. Then it took off. Good job. I have read Maze Runner, Hunger Games (yes read), and Divergent, and have noticed they all started really strong, then seemed to flounder in books 2 a little, and some (Divergent) really feel apart (for me) in the last book. You kill off all kinds of people in your books, but would you kill off Q in the GFL books, right before you end it? That really took me out of one of those series. I say that to say that I have high hopes that Alive-Alight-etc will build with each book, not flounder and tank. You are a planner and that is where a lot of these people fail in these series. They have a great “idea” but never flesh it out with a beginning to end PLAN. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this, but Alive was very good.

    Looking forward to much more of this series, and as an OJ (started listing on ep 3 of Earthcore – the orig, orig, ? orig? version). I have every book you have done, even a big old paperback Earthcore, especially looking forward to the re-done Earthcore, and how everything fits into the Siglerverse.

    I do look forward to your podcasts each week, and (sorry) do really like your readings better, i think because it feels more personal, like you are reading your work only for us.

    ok, enough rambling.

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