ALIVE Episode #2

M. Savage woke to a nightmare — trapped in a coffin, alone, unable to remember anything about her past. She fought her way free only to find herself in a room full of coffins. One of those coffins contained another girl, trapped just like her. In this episode, the blood-streaked pair try to make some sense of their situation.

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  1. Mark Zanfardino

    Been looking forward to new Sigler material since the end of The Champion! Bought this baby today at my local bookstore (Mysterious Galaxy!) and already digging it! Looks like I snuck in under the wire for that sweet deal on GFL book six, baby!

    Keep up the great work Gen. Siglerisimo!

    Original Junkie for Life!

  2. ratman19

    I’m curious what makes a book YA opposed to adult. Is it just the marketing? Your GFL paperback books are YA right? Story is the same as the hard covers, just got rid of the big boy words.

    $15 off GFL VI! You are Cray Cray. Discount for a junkie, what sort of dealer are you”

  3. Funkmon

    Long time fan, here, joining in near the end of Earthcore. I stopped listening at The Rookie for about 2 years for the reasons you specified, but one day I was bored and listened to two episodes. Hooked again. Since then, I trust Scott Sigler.

    I’m going to buy this book, and I am going to like it, young adult be damned.

    But as time goes on, I’m realizing young adult books are sometimes almost as violent as adult books, and often the only difference is the age of protagonists. For example, a YA book I picked up in an Audible sale recently even has some properly good swearing in it, plus tons of death. Good stuff!

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