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ALIVE Episode #19

The Birthday Children fought the Grownups, and now Em has taken Matilda captive. She is forcing Matilda to reveal the location of the shuttle, the only way to escape the Xolotl. In this, the second-to-last episode of this serialized Audiobook, Em and her friends find out if there is a way to escape, or if they will be trapped here forever. 


Stick around after the episode to hear news about ALIGHT!

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  1. NeilColquhoun

    Hmmm… do I want it? Yeah, like hell I do. No… wait… that’s too long… what if I forget about the story. Ok, I do. No, I’m not sure.
    Ach… whatever. Do what you want… as you always do… or you do what A tells you to…!

    Oh Scott… you did this before, didn’t you: releasing the first episode way before the novel was podcasted?

    And, did you also do a live Q&A before? I seem to recall you hosting something live and I asked you a question.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


  2. -Lj

    Question: I just had eye surgery, so need a steady feed of audio. In what order should I listen to the GFL Novellas? What’s the best way to get those? My ability to do my own research on that is … limited.

    1. A Sigler

      The order for the GFL Novellas matters less than the GFL novels, and TITLE FIGHT isn’t tethered to the GFL novel timeline.

      So, since the only GFL Novellas currently available as audiobooks are THE REPORTER and TITLE FIGHT … there’s no preferred order. One thing though: this is assuming you’ve listened to the novels already. If you haven’t, make sure you listen to THE ROOKIE, THE STARTER and THE ALL-PRO before you listen to THE REPORTER.

      1. -Lj

        Thanks! My Kindle will read to me, but audio versions are a lot nicer! I’m all caught up on the GFL series. I got one of my football-loving friends started on it yesterday, too.

  3. -Lj

    I’d love to hear the opening of Alight! The last few chapters of a book are always sad for me … knowing I’ll be missing all my new friends soon … so it’s good to have our next “date” all lined up.

  4. baldgoat

    So, I’m torn about hearing the first episode of Alight.

    Amazon Prime does this with their original content. I watched the first episode of ‘The Man in The High Castle’ and now I’ve been pulling my hair out for weeks waiting for the rest of season one. (If you could see me, you’d know I’m telling the truth… my username is a physical description 🙂 )

    So, while part of me would love to hear the first episode of Alight, another part doesn’t want to be going crazy waiting for the rest.

    Do what you will. I’m a junkie. Whatever you give me I’ll snort it, inject it… whatever.

  5. jokerdas

    I think you should TOTALLY do the first episode of Alight! A seven month tease is exactly the kind of sadistic thing any self-respecting Future Dark Overlord would do!
    If memory serves me right, I think you did something like that before Pandemic came out. You gave away like the first 50 pages months before it was available for purchase. So this level of teasing is not below you!
    Go for it! I say!

  6. Paul C

    I can’t download ALIVE Episode #18 and ALIVE Episode #19.
    I get a Network error part of the way through.
    18 stops at 5MB of 38.3MB
    19 stops at 12.9MB of 32.1MB
    (Been listening since Earthcore!)

  7. Melissa (My World...in words and pages)

    Ooooh. The first episode of the next book. I’m hooked and curious. Will I listen now or wait since it’ll be 7 month until book 2… That’s a tough question. I think it’ll all depend on how Alive ends. If it’s more of a suspenseful and cliffy type ending, yes I’ll dive in hoping I’ll get answers. But I fear that episode 1 of Alight would end with a moment that will have me dying for the rest of the book! lol. That’s my fear, and it’ll likely happen. 😉

    But, over all, I’ll most likely be looking to listen to the first episode of Alight because I won’t be able to contain myself knowing it’s there. 😉

    Thank you!

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