ALIVE Episode #16

In the last episode, Em found out the true nature of the inescapable dungeon that has held her and the Birthday Children. Brewer — the Grownup who claims Em murdered him — revealed this shocking information, leaving Em stunned beyond comprehension. Now, Em and the others try to come to grips with a shattering new reality.

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  1. Melissa (My words and pages)

    I had to stop at the end of chapter 34. Just to let what we learn digest a bit. It all started to fall into place and make perfect sense.

    One of the things I noted as I was listening to the book, then you mentioned at the end of this episode, is the growth of the characters. They all start as the naive, young 12 year old children. But they are growing through these events and becoming stronger on their own. They are becoming adults in their thinking, even though they still don’t understand everything or have words for some things. They are even creating their own way of doing things. A social ladder of their own. They don’t see it, but the are. They are slowly creating their own society here.

  2. Geoff Taylor

    For some reason, I assumed that the end of episode #15 of Alive, book 1 of the Generations trilogy, where we get the big reveal, was the end of the book, and wrote a pretty glowing review on Now I find there are 4 more episodes. (Just listened to #16) My joy at this discovery is somewhat mixed with the feeling of egg dripping down my face… (SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you haven’t yet got as far as episode #16. Interesting, in Scott’s comments at the end of this episode, the idea of the “generation ship”, which somehow I didn’t know about, but have now checked out on Wikipedia. As an old wrinkled person, I did guess, quite early on, a similarity to the great SF novel “Non-stop” by Brian Aldiss.)

  3. jokerdas

    You mentioned in the talkie-talk about how lives have changed by growing up… I cannot speak for anyone else but me.

    I am radically different as an adult than I had envisioned I would have become. I lived in a large city in the midwest and always imagined I would I would stay there. WRONG! Fifteen years ago, I moved to Texas and bought a horse ranch!

    You mentioned having to put away childish things. Well, about that… I tried that when I first became an adult. After a few years, my inner geek took over and now my office and desk contain Superman and General Zod figures, Dilbert and Star Wars coffee mugs and a mini terrarium decorated to look like the forests of Endor.

    What I am getting at is, no, I don’t think you necessarily need to put away childish things to prove you are an adult. An adult is more in your actions than your accessories. Savage and the Birthday Kids may think they are only “12”, but everything they have gone through make them much more mature and adult-like than they should be.

      1. jokerdas

        Well, with there being so few actual Xbox and PS games out there anymore gears towards children, I don’t really know if I would qualify them as “childish things”. WII and WIIU, sure, but not Xbox or PlayStation.

  4. Steve Simons

    I have long been a fan of your work, took a long break, only to return to “Alive”, by crikey your writing has come on some. Always thought you were the master, and now you’ve proven it. Alive is so well written, it is all knitting in well together. You keep the suspense going so well. What revelations in 15 and 16, I didn’t see it coming! And so much written today, you can see it a mile off. Pure Genius. You clearly enjoy what you do and your Junkies love you for it. All Best Wishes Steve Simons.

  5. NeilColquhoun

    Mr Sigler

    So, it’s not that simple then?

    Also, I’m thinking there’s hints somewhere that I’ve missed as to tie-ins with the Siglerverse, so damn you sir… I’ll have to listen a lot more carefully.

    Keep up the good work… and Stay Alive.

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