ALIVE Episode #15

In a quest to find a weapon that can defeat the monsters who took Bello, Em has led her friends to a place that Bishop and Gaston discovered earlier — the place where Bishop found the spear. Those three, along with Aramovsky and El Saffani, opened a strange door in the floor and are descending down a long ladder, into the darkness, into the unknown.

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  1. Scott Compton

    Loving the story so far. Yes I saw it coming about where they are. I suspected it when they where always going up and straight. Not a dead giveaway by any means, just a suspicion after reading and listening to many “scifi” type books. Thanks for making it free!!! Looking forward to the next chapter and next book!

  2. Dan

    I knew from the moment they were back at the beginning of the hallway. So for me the foreshadowing was a tad heavy handed, but the story as a whole is awesome as hell nonetheless!

  3. NeilColquhoun

    Mr Sigler

    I’m not going to claim that I assumed or guessed where the Birthday Children are imprisoned, but now that I know the ‘prison’ is not where one would first expect, then it came as a surprise to me.

    “Little leader learns the truth.” And so do many of us Junkies!

    For my tuppence worth, what I think is that the Birthday Children are part of an experiment… a kind of ‘only the strong will survive’ situation… but who knows!

    Keep up the good work sir… and Stay Alive

  4. Leslie

    For sure I saw this coming. As soon as the path was described as a an upward curve. I had thought the group would spend more time looking for clues to understand their environment to experience the much-needed triggers to their memories. Not that they haven’t had other things to think about along the way.

    Knowing this hasn’t spoiled the fun. I thought I was supposed to know.

  5. Gianni

    How are you so good at this Scott? I definitely should have seen this coming. Spingate’s musings on how they ended up where they started are completely obvious in retrospect. What a great hint, and it’s embedded in a whole nest of circumstantial evidence! Yet somehow you consistently foil my ability to “metaread”. I get immersed and suddenly I’ve never read any other stories, and I no longer have more information than your characters.

  6. Amiko

    The description was very similar to the Space Odyssey 2001 spaceship (scaled up) or to the ringworld from Halo series (scaled down), not to mention the Ringworld itself.
    I didn’t scream “Heureka!”, but I kind of guessed it.

  7. David Roman

    The “generations” thing had me thinking of a generational spaceship traveling between stars. I knew it was a ship (or assumed), but didn’t think it was in orbit. Maybe around Earth?

    Not sure about how this is playing out, I’m thinking Clones now, that’s the “generations”, each generation is just a little different.

    Its been pretty good so far. Have the book, but like to listen as it keeps the suspense up.

    Keep up the great work sir!

    1. Amiko

      If it would be on orbit, it should have a one-way gravity towards the planet it orbits. No?
      As it seems to have an (artificial) gravity towards its’ center, it must be in outer space.
      Correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. Richard Hilton

          “Being next to a planet wouldn’t do anything to give you gravity, on one side or not. Space is space, next to a planet or between them. No gravity.”
          Ummm…. no, ‘fraid not.

          If you were stationary next to a planet you will accelerate directly towards it. Moving object like satellites don’t suddenly fall out of the sky because they are attempting to move away from the planet but the gravity pulls them back towards it by the same amount, so they are essentially constantly falling but in a trajectory that makes them go in a continuous circle around the Earth. That said, they do ultimately slow down and fall back to earth due to the very slight amount of atmosphere in low earth orbit and solar forcing on the superstructures, some will just take a lot longer than others to reenter, that’s all.

          What you see in things like the ISS is that the humans are “falling” at the same rate as the ISS itself, therefore relative to the ISS the astronauts appears to be in zero gravity. In reality the Earth’s gravity is puling on them almost (but not quite) as much as it is if they were standing on the ground. If it didn’t they wouldn’t stay in orbit and would fly off into deep space!

          Gravity does drop off as you move away from a planet though but you’d need to go a long, long way away before you could really consider it to have no effect.

  8. Stretch

    I had a good idea that this was the case ever since the first mention of “floor meets the ceiling”. That’s not how a ramp would look like. Great story so far! Now I need to find more (any!) hints about how this fits into the Siglerverse.

      1. Leslie

        If it were a straight ramp, the vanishing point would have been described very differently. So as soon as you described how the floor and ceiling curved up until they disappeared, I knew it was a spinning circle gravitational thing in space and that if they kept walking they’d end up where they started.

  9. patrick

    Great story Scott. I love it. I figured it out as Em was talking to brewer in the last episode just seconds before she did and it blew my mind. You have had me thinking about the whole walking on the ceiling since that episode and I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner. Very well done. I am enjoying the story very much and can’t wait for Sunday every week.

  10. Doug Notjarvis

    I put it together, but I am loving it. The thing that keeps me sucking at the straw in this big Sigler Smoothie is my desperate need to know where these these characters came from and how they connect to the bigger picture that they seem to be a part of. Who are they and what are they doing and why are they there and has Scott referenced them in another story and if I was a good junkie then wouldn’t I know that and why am I pondering these things with so little caffeine in my system?!

  11. Brent

    I thought from the start it was [REDACTED]. Alive’s setting reminds me of a short story you did where people were being picked out of a tank like lobsters to be eaten. (Which I loved by the way.) Anyway the setting seemed similar to what’s going on in Alive, so I guess I [REDACTED]. It’s really grabbing me now, I assume you want honesty, so I’ll say I wasn’t really digging it at first. The intrigue has really ramped up and the growth that’s been forced in the character’s from the violence around them has made them much more enjoyable. Thanks for the story.

    1. Doug Notjarvis

      I agree about the build. I stuck with this one for the promise of sweet intrigue even though, at times, I felt like I was just waiting for the show to start while the circus set up the tent. I really think that is just the give and take of this medium (serialized audio). You get that great cliffhanger action, and the dramatic flair of the narrator, and it forces you to wait and think about where it might be going… but if an episode doesn’t have the meat you hoped for then you just have to stick it out until the next one.

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