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ALIVE, Book I of the Generations Trilogy by Scott Sigler. A YA young adult novel of suspense

I woke up screaming in the dark.

I woke up alone.

I didn’t know who I was, where I was,
or how I got there.

But I learned. I fought. I survived.

I still don’t know who I was,
but now I know who I am.

And I’m not alone anymore.

Friends, fans, Junkies, lend me your ears. Okay, fine, your eyes, because this is a letter — stop being a smart-ass already, will ya?

I want to tell you something about my next novel, ALIVE, due out Summer of 2015. It’s different. And not different like that one uncle who comes over for Thanksgiving and smells of patchouli oil, I mean different from anything of mine you’ve ever read. I want to prepare your faces. This letter is all of nine paragraphs long, so read it for me. Because you’re swell like that.

ALIVE is the story of a twelve-year-old girl who wakes up to a nightmare. To say her upbringing was “conservative” is an understatement. I can’t explain why, I can’t reveal what that means, but I can say that telling a story from a child’s perspective is something you haven’t seen from me before, not in novel-length.

So, yeah — different. Is this “YA,” what the fancy-pants big-wigs in those tall New York City publishers offices call “young adult?” The narrator is twelve years old, man. So … maybe? You’ll experience the story through her young mind, her limited life experiences and her pre-adolescent frame of reference.

Different, but also, not as different as you might expect. It’s still written by me, and the rotten apple only falls so far from the haunted tree. Our girl is thrown into a boiling vat of awful and has to fight her way out. There is pain, there is terror, there is loss, and — this is a Sigler story, after all — there is blood.

And now, a sooper-secret secret: At New York Comic Con, Oct 10-13 in the Big Apple, something is afoot.

If you attend, and you go to the Del Rey booth, they have a little trinket to promote ALIVE. Go there, get the staff’s attention and then scream the following line in your best overly dramatic, over-the-top, SyFy Original, Shatneresque delivery.

“The spear! The spear!”

Do that. Get something. Squeal with delight.

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  1. Dawnya

    Just finished The Champion- no spoilers but I was crying my eyes out!(yes there is crying in football!) Thanks for another amazing story! Uh… No rush but more GFL please!!!???

  2. Joe Riekert

    My daughter went to ComiCon on Saturday. She stopped by the Del Ray booth and brought me home a copy of ALIVE!! I couldn’t believe it. They took a picture of her and said they were going to send it to you. Thanks to you and the people at Del Ray. I can’t wait to read it!!

  3. Brandon Winrich

    Ooh, interesting cover.

    I skipped to the end of the letter to see the NYCC stuff, because I want to read the novel knowing as little as possible.

    That being said, its a pity I can’t make it to NYCC. Do you know if there will be anything at RICC?

  4. terry

    I just want another great book to read. It is getting so hard to find an author that picks at your brain. The only two I look forward to is Scott Sigler and Stephen King. All the rest is the same old dribble.

      1. ratman19

        Thank you Scott. We all know that since your now a super celebrity, you don’t have time for us small time junkies….jk

        A bimonthly update as to what your working on and how you plan to fit in all the Sigler goodies would be nice. I just figured I’d ask about the novellas because they are written by other people.

  5. ratman19

    I so wish I could go to NYC for the treat 🙁

    If it’s a ARC I am going to extra upset. After purchasing an ARC of Pandemic on eBay last time before learning how wrong that was, I will not be supporting such crooks again if this becomes available prior to summer 2015.

    But I want it nowwww

  6. jokerdas

    I have never been so excited about a 12 year old girl before!
    Um… does that make me sound pervy?

    How about… I am eager to read about a book about a little girl covered in Sigler Stank?
    Nope, that also sounds bad!

    Oh well, no one will judge, junkies are all wired a bit different anyway! It sounds amazing to go a different direction in stories! Makes me really wish I could go to NY Comic Con and shout out in my best Crazy George Starcher voice!

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