ALIVE Book Trailer

FFS, we posted the ALIVE trailer all over hell and high water and forgot to post it on our own damn site. Jiminy, we must be busy or something. Well, feast your eyes, Junkies! Not only are we posting the trailer here, but the next installment on this site/feed will be a cool “Making of the trailer” podcast with the producer and director.

This is a good version, but for the seriously high-quality high-def trailer, click here to watch it on YouTube. Book trailers — yes, they are a thing!

ALIVE is out July 14. Don’t think “YA” is for you? Yeah, right, sucka, like a Sigler novel is going to be about high school melodrama or something. That’s okay, we’re out to convince you it’s the real deal, that’s why we’re giving $15 off GFL Book VI if you pre-order a hardcover copy of ALIVE (which basically means your getting ALIVE for free).

Click here to download the trailer.

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