ALIGHT Episode #17

The Birthday Children were hit with the huge revelation as to what their forehead symbols mean. Em, the leader, was meant to be a slave, a realization that sends shockwaves through the community. The strange ship that landed in Uchmal held one passenger — Bello, thought missing for so long. Bello is back at the shuttle, but Em doesn’t trust that her friend is all she appears to be. Becket, Muller and Coyotl rode Coyotl’s spider to that ship to see if Beckett, a gear, could fly it, but they are long overdue. Did Barkah’s people take them? Bishop and Bawden have gone looking for the missing Birthday Children.

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  1. Jerry

    Maybe it is the scotch talking, but this trilogy sounds of Plato’s “the Republic” with a little Lord of the Flies” damn you Sigler to leave me entertained and thought provoked is not fair.

    but thanks


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