ALIEN Director’s Cut

StorySmack Episode #50

Clearly, we took too long getting this episode out, but enjoy! In space, no one can hear you scream — but good thing we’ve got this nice pressurized starship, so we can hear you scream all dang day long! Scott & A discuss the documentary “Memory: The Origins of ALIEN” as well as the bizzaro ALIEN Director’s Cut.

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  1. Daniel Gonzales

    One thing that really drove me batty was the crew’s ridiculous habit of leaving every door open throughout that whole ordeal! So, of course, the Alien had the run of the place. Keeping bulkhead doors closed might of contained the beast a little. I mean it worked on Ripley – she got trapped in a corridor at least twice. Just saying…

    Then Ripley, presumably the smartest person on the ship (actually she was the smartest person on the ship at this point; everyone else being dead ‘n all), runs off to fetch the cat and leaves the shuttle door open! Why would she do that when the entirety of the plan is to trap the Alien on the exploding ship and escape alone on the shuttle? Then, again, if she hadn’t done that we wouldn’t have had that spectacular victory at the end: blasting the bastard into space. So, I’ll allow it.

    Great StorySmack! Thanks. Hoping we can get one of Aliens:Director’s Cut sometime.

    1. scottsigler

      Daniel: The cat thing was ridiculous, in all instances. Right off the bat, a guy leaves an armed trio (which was armed because a crewmember already died from a monster) to grab the f-ing cat? Ridiculous. A great movie, but like most creative works, it had some weak spots.

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