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FridayFix • Kids These Days and also the Hulk

ARealGirl here. Last Friday, Scott and I sat down to rant about the state of superheroes back when we were kids. Sigler was quite upset at how good the “kids these days” have things, because back when he was a boy, superheros were everywhere — but not so much supervillains.

Oh, and I was afraid of the Hulk when I was a kid.

I’m still looking for the promised pic of me as a kid. If I find it (no luck at Thanksgiving at my Mom’s house) I’ll post it.

Here’s a little internet proof (for what that’s worth) of the Bruce/David Banner changes.


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  1. Jim Kakavecos

    Hi all,

    Just started listening to the Friday Fix! Enjoyed it very much, you are both entertaining.

    I’m a bit older than you so maybe my memory is a bit better. I believe his full name was “David Bruce Banner” on the TV show. Besides the other super hero shows mentioned in the other comments…The Adventures of Superman! Yes, I am talking about George Reeves playing the man of steel in glorious black and white. It was all we had…ok! Also, there was a brief Superboy TV show back in the late 80’s.

    I’m a big fan of The Flash and I also like Supergirl. She has fought several alien’s with super powers. I think you should watch it. I can’t wait for the next season of Daredevil to begin, however, I am disappointed with Jessica Jones and Sense 8…good production values but a little too adult for my taste.

    Good podcast…you have another follower.

  2. Logan

    Regarding 70s-80s superheros, you forgot a few. Most were very forgettable, though, so I understand.
    AutoMan (TRON without copyright issues)
    Man From Atlantis (Aquaman without copyright issues)
    The Greatest American Hero

    And let us not forget, no matter how much we drink, the made-for-tv movies
    Captain America and Captain America 2
    Doctor Strange
    Justice League

  3. Deadlysaxguy

    This was the best Friday fix ever. I was actually yelling at my phone while working. The god damned 70’s were bullshit for tv superheroes. You forgot to mention the six million dollar man fighting cyborg Bigfoot. Thank you soooo much for this discussion! I’m gonna listen again with a glass of Glenfiddich 12 y/o, a big fat cigar and my seething anger for a childhood stunted by a lack of tv execs and their limited ability to realize the awesomeness that could have been. Thank god for AD&D or my creativity would have been destroyed! Oh, by the way, happy birthday my FDO. Skōl!

    1. scottsigler

      Deadlysaxguy: $6 Mil vs. Cyborg Bigfoot. Maybe I blocked that out. But hey, at least Cyborg Bigfoot was technically a super villain. Hulk shoulda fought him. Would have put a better fight than a goddamn bear, maybe.

  4. Chris McWhite

    First point is I did not read anyone else’s comments because I wanted to speak my own mind and not be influenced by anyone else. I watched the first and second episode of Supergirl on network broadcast. I was very disappointed in how they seems to be determined to make Supergirl afraid to use her powers, willing to hide her own ability, and so easily dissuaded from being she was supposed to be. I thought that the storyline for her creation and her inability to figure out how to use her superpowers was very reminiscent of “The Greatest American Hero” story line where he didn’t have his instruction book and so he fumbled his way through figuring out his super-suit. I know the Supergirl story has great promise, and the actors and actresses in the film are quality people. I just want the writing and the storyline to get better to help them show how good character Supergirl truly is.

    1. scottsigler

      Chris: Maybe I’ll try Episode #2, but if that fails, I’m out. There’s just too much good shit on TV right now. JESSICA JONES is calling to me, as is THE FLASH and ARROW. What I don’t need is the most powerful woman on the planet being afraid to use her powers for fear that people won’t like her.

  5. BigJohn

    I forgot to mention that I also watch Supergirl, and it’s ok. I’m looking forward to the Legends of Tomorrow show that will be like a cool superteaz show, and while I think the Suicide Squad movie will be cool, I think DC is doing it all wrong, casting big names for the movie and leaving the same roles on TV with different personnel.

    But if I had one show to recommend, it would be Netflix’s Jessica Jones, which is pretty damn cool, as good as Daredevil but with more evil.

    1. scottsigler

      @BigJohn: I watched one episode of SUPERGIRL and it was ridiculous. The context of her not using her powers is asinine. They take what could be a powerful female role and relegate it to the realm of “oh, I’m not sure if I should do something … because people might not approve!”. Give me a fucking break. In the context of the DC universe, she is either tied for the most powerful being on Earth, or barely in second place because Superman has more experience.

      Hated the first episode.

      1. BigJohn

        Yes, the first episode was absurd. They went out of their way to avoid saying “Superman” and it felt forced and foolish. It does get better after the first episode, but she’s also a little fast and loose with her secret identity, which strains believability.

  6. BigJohn

    I have just the one show to recommend: the new Flash. It just started its second season, so it’s few enough episodes to mainline. It’s a great combination of super hero ability, with supervillainry, and high-tech know-how. It still doesn’t take itself entirely seriously, and throws itself headfirst into the pool of comic book lore. I think they have done a wonderful job with it, and I highly recommend watching it.

    I watch most of the modern superhero shows that are on: Arrow, Flash, Heroes Reborn, Marvel’s Agents of Shield, and I have to say: It’s a good time to be a comic book fan. I don’t buy many anymore, but i remember the old days when I thought the best guy to play Wolverine on the big screen was Bruce Weitz from Hill Street Blues. I own a bootleg of the 1991 Fantastic Four, which sucks beyond suck, and thought the best part of the Incredible Hulk set of movies was when they had an appearance of Thor in about 1987 or so.

    I liked the Fantastic Four cartoon (remember H.E.R.B.I.E the robot, which they used to replace Johnny Storm so us stoopid kids wouldn’t light themselves on fire?

    So if I have only one show to recommend, it would be The 4400, which was on for only a few seasons, and you can watch on Netflix. It’s one of the best “superhero” type of shows I’ve ever seen. It was on at the same time that Heroes was on the first go-around, but it had all the great writing that Heroes did not.

    1. Deadlysaxguy

      How do you feel about Gotham? My wife and I really like it. I think they really found great actors for Penguin, Ed Nigma, and Alfred. The rest are so so.
      I’m loving Flash and the whole arc it’s taking this season (trying not to spoil any story lines for those who haven’t seen it).
      This season of Arrow is a little weak so far but I’m still on board.

  7. Ed Brock

    As a child of the 70s, I remember all too well how shitty those superhero TV shows were–except Wonder Woman, of course. Also, don’t forget The Greatest American Hero & Swamp Thing.

    I’m loving Supergirl–a good mix of girl-power & super-heroics. It borrows a lot of its “feel” from the Chris Reeve Superman films. The Flash & Arrow are my personal favorites when it comes to current superhero TV action. You’d probably like both–as they fight real supervillains, like Grodd.

    The Rock will be playing Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie.

    And, I’d love a spoiler movie/TV themed podcast show.

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