Sigler Ascension Day (month) sale!

THE SALE OF THE CENTURY! Of the year, anyway. Or month. Whatever.

4+1=50% off Sigler Ascension Day sale

It’s April 1, the anniversary of the day Junkies put Siglerism on the map by pushing the paperback of ANCESTOR to #1 on Amazon’s Scifi and Horror bestseller charts. Every year on this day, we try to do something fun. This year, our “fun” is, unfortunately, Scott’s cousin Bodie, who was recently put in charge of Empty Set Entertainment’s online marketing.

Get all in-stock T-shirts for 50% off + shipping, from April 1 to May 1, at Shirts for the Krakens, the Orbiting Death, the Murderers, the Jacks, from Siglerfests and more. Half-off is $7.50 US for most, depending on size.

Of course, since we are podcasters, we have audio of this momentous event.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

We even tried to make a funny audiogram text-thingie. There’s two things we can say about it: 1) Cousin Bodie will notpass this month’s Empty Set drug screening, and 2) we did say we tried to make it funny — we write horror novels for a living, okay?

4+1=50% off sale YouTube link

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