HALF-BAKED: 4/20 Special Episode

StorySmack Episode #16

HalfBaked 4-20 episode of StorySmack, sponsored by our '4Inkjets Coupon' page at http://www.scottsigler.com/4inkjets-coupon

It’s 4/20, the favorite day of every stoner on the planet. At StorySmack, we decided to do a little medical experimentation — why not do an episode about a stoner movie, on 4/20, while on 4/20 ourselves?


We feature the Dave Chapelle movie HALF-BAKED for your listening pleasure. ARealGirl got the giggles. And, yes, munchies were involved after the fact.

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  1. NanwithaPlan

    So totally remember Adam 12 and Emergency. As a little girl, I first thought it was the same two guys, one show dressed as clean-cut cops and then they changed clothes and were laid-back paramedics. I liked Emergency much better, though – wanted to be saved by John Gage someday.
    I’ve seen Half Baked many times, mostly for the cameos and Dave, but I must say that you guys reviewing Half Baked is a bit funnier than the movie.

  2. Raiderscot

    I totally remember watching Adam 12 and Emergency.
    The one episode I recall had a kid that stuck their head through a fence & couldn’t pull it back. They put vaseline behind the ears so the kid could get free.

    After that episode aired, the Twilight zone starring Telly Savalas was on called “Living Doll”

    Scared the crap out of me in ’74? – laughed my head off when my kid got scared when first seeing the first Chucky film on edited TV in 2002 when they were @ about the same age as I was.

    Such bad backgrounds when they were filming people in cars in Adam 12 & Emergency!

  3. Jamie Elsey

    Loved the story about your Dead concert.

    I was at the Grateful Dead concert at the palace too. I guess I was one of those damn hippies!

    Side note: I was between houses for a month in Detroit. I am pretty sure all my belongings were stored at the building from the Climax of Infected—Grosse Pointe Moving and Storage off of Jefferson on the east side of Detroit.


  4. David Roman

    ADAM 12:
    Martin Milner – Officer Pete Malloy
    Kent McCord – Officer Jim Reed
    “See the man” – LOL yep

    Rampart Hospital
    Station 51
    John Gage – Randolph Mantooth
    Roy DeSoto – Kevin Tighe
    Dixie McCall, R.N. – WOOT!!

    Used to sit in my room with a REAL “TV DINNER” – with the that little BRICK Brownie and 1 piece of edible chicken.

    Yes, I am O L D

    What about DRAGNET (not the lame movie) – My brother got his name from the MARK V at the end of the show (with the hammer)

    We have some of the best memories of TV

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