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FridayFix • Empty Set 2014 Year In Review

It’s the holidays, suckas! And with it comes year’s end, and with that comes our annual rambling-ass Year In Review.

The two gasbag partners in Empty Set Entertainment combined to bring you an hour and twenty minutes of blabby-blab about the books we published, the tours we toured and the anthologies we anthologized — and also the new addition to the fam, our lovely little Dog of Døøm. Did we mention how long this episode is? Listen at your own risk.

And, we did our top-four stories of 2014 as a fancy video. Wanna watch? Just click here.

Here’s the video of Scott “trusting his equipment” from his time in FLA training SWAT teams with Junkie Chris Grall:

“Trust Your Equipment” from Scott Sigler on Vimeo.

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download.

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  1. jokerdas

    I finally made it through the Year In Review podcast!
    Girthy books, Girthy podcasts!
    This one’s on you! But not like how the dog went on the picnic basket!
    By the way… I didn’t hear it, so must have been 2013…. did Empty Set Entertainment finally incorporate into a full business in ’13 or ’14?

  2. murle_the_girl

    As always, loved listening to the year in review, including the out takes and the special pass codes for free beer. I was thankful to have a long episode to listen to as I shoveled snow for an hour this morning. Here’s hoping you can make it out to Colorado again someday, as meeting you in Greeley was pretty dang fun, even if you had a hangover.

  3. BigJohn

    Your mic discipline was definitely better, but it was still heartwarming to hear you crack 2 bud lights during the recording.

    Here’s wishing all of Empty Set Entertainment and all the Junkies a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  4. Todd Taylor

    Really hoping I have a chance to claim that beer someday! Just in case, here are all of the code words and pass phrases:

    This one’s on you.
    This one’s on Empty Set.
    The dog wet/went on the picnic basket.
    The pigeons flew south, but only in May.

    Looking forward to even longer ramblings in 2015!

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