Empty Set Entertainment Decade in Review

It’s been a helluva decade

Scott and ARealGirl cover the highlights of a decade of making fiction for y’all. SiglerFest2k20 news, GFL VI update, and more. As deadlines loom and the business of writing changes, we have some good news and some bad news.


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  1. MichiG

    Hello A and Scott,

    I´m one of you German Junkies (Berlin, my son had the orange and black hair).
    It is still amazing what you build the last 10 years, and I´m not that big in the “leaving a comment” part but your review of the last decade had two Things which gave me the urge to write one.

    1. Siglerfest X
    To switch it to April 1st 2021 is great, because then my son is finally 18 (or is Las Vegas a state where you have to be 21 to enter a bar) and traveling with him is easier. Although we don´t know if we be able to save up enough Money for the trip but now we have at least a Chance to go together.

    2. The delay of your books
    Hey don´t Sweat it. We are Gamers, and 2020 is the year of pushed back release Dates. For example, Ubisoft pushed back their new games from Q1 2020 in to Q3-Q4 2020 Maybe Q1 2021.
    And to pre-order the Special collectors Edition you had to order and pay 160EUR up front. We, and tens of thousand Gamers did that and don´t Forget the millions of Gamers who ordered just the normal Version for 60 bucks.

    And 2 other Mayor game developers with potential millions of pre-orders also did something simillar.
    Everybody is ok with it. Ok,you have the normal out-cry and moaning but in the end this is the only way to ensure a high Quality game, and Gamers apriciate it. Because otherwise the game will be a bust and that is a much higher Risk then delaying the release date.

    So Keep up the great work and hopefully we can see you again in the near future.

    Cheers, Michi

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