Be named as a character in the Generations Trilogy's Book III ALONE

We ran a cool contest for cool people, giving the world a chance to see their name as a character in ALONE, Book III of the #1 New York Times bestselling Generations Trilogy. It was a brutal fight, worthy of the ordeal suffered by M. Savage, R. Bishop, K. O’Malley and more. Here are the winners, who will see their name in some form when the book is out March 7, 2017.

S. Morgan A. Shepherd C. Nauer R. Williams
T. Church K. Armbruster K. Costello E. Hinog
C. Gilbert I. Hachlinski K. Benson

There were supposed to be 10 winners, but I screwed up the dice-rolling/record-keeping/notification¬†process and we wound up with 11. Math, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.¬†

Links to autographed copies, Amazon, BN and more are on each book’s page:

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Click here for the full rules PDF.