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You're a dirty filthy tease Sigler!!! – Nocturnal Film/Show?

  • And I quote from the : “I am close to finalizing a deal that will adapt NOCTURNAL into the world of moving pictures. I can’t announce anything yet, but a great showing in the Goodreads contest will definitely help your chances of seeing Bryan, Pookie, Sly, and Firstborn in action. “

    What the hell?!?!? I get you can’t announce. I really do. But damn you! I think all of your books would make great comics, cartoons, CGI style shows, tv shows, or even movies. But I think Nocturnal is my favorite. I have re-read and re-listened to it numerous times.

    With the intricacies of the plot I’m sticking with my hope that it is a TV show, or even better a mini-series on HBO or Showtime.

    While you can’t announce anything, can you hypothesize who would play certain characters if you had free realm to cast it?

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