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Your Seven

  • Well, to be honest, I envisioned a “The Longest Yard” scene where The Game starts and Mum-o and John (mostly those two but everyone to some degree) basically try to kill whoever’s in front of them before actually playing.

    I can just see Mum-o and John having some sort of argument over who got more kills (a la the elf and the dwarf in lord of the rings).

    True, there are likely other “adventure seekers” that survived the game. But in Quentin’s limited knowledge, his only frame of reference for any sentient is the holo, and Leiba. At any rate, the only sentient heretofore known to Quentin to survive is Leiba.

    Not correct. The only one on “film” so to speak… but I agree that I would have one warrior on the team…

    Oooh, I forgot to mention that the ONLY sentient heretofore known to survive The Game is a Warrior. So there’s gotta be something to that.

    I would think at least one Warrior would be involved. They have decent speed as well as power. Not a lot is known about The Game at this point, so I am a little surprised that the focus would be so much on speed. Two humans but only the smallest HeavyG (and a starter no less) and no Warriors? I guess I would have hedged my bets with a variety. I would have gone with a larger Heavy G, maybe Cliff Frost. He’s the biggest non-starting HeavyG on the team. I would also put in Virak instead of Yassoud. As far as hard hitters, I think as a general rule Warriors have more kills than humans.

    So I guess my lineup would be:
    Cliff Frost
    This almost allows you to have 2 fast forwards (two Sklorno), 2 medium forwards (Quentin & Virak), some power fullbacks (in the soccer sense) with Mum-O and Cliff, to really punish anyone who got too close to goal, and then a Sklorno on the rings.

    That doesn’t give you a lot of speed, and the Prawatt are very fast. You’ve got muscle and power, sure, but in a 40-yard dash a GFL Sklorno will finish at least five yard ahead of a GFL Human. The Prawatt are as fast as the Sklorno, so if you don’t have Sklorno you’re going to be a big speed disadvantage. And as they say in the NFL, “Speed kills.”

    I like your lineup!

    So I was very surprised with the choices that FDO made with the seven to go into the game. I haven’t read the book yet only heard the podcasts. Anyways, sticking to the must have 2 sklorno rule what is your seven?

    (I apologize in advance for poor spelling. I’ve only heard the books.)
    Here was my first draft:
    1. Quentin
    2. John
    3. Choto
    4. Mumo
    5. Virac
    6. and 7. The sklorno twins. (not going to try to spell those)
    That was my rough draft before Don said “don’t use starters.”

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