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You mentioned a bonus ep. on Sunday, but then when will the NEXT one get here?

  • Remember, Scott is no rookie (pardon the pun) – The man is a Masta Pimp!

    My guess s that he’s strategically calculated precisely how long the average Junkies can tolerate withdrawal symptoms before falling victim to their own addiction-induced homicidal urges. When we’re just about to reach that point, he’ll unleash a new episode on us and turn us all back to humbly grateful Junkies before stringing us out once again.

    It’s all part of the domination thing, ya know…


    we need more episodes, and we need them now!

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    we are assuming of course we get the feed on sunday……………………..

    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends

    The Math god

    Kick arse! Sigg, your the man!

    Oh, and by the way, when you finially assemble your forces for the Uprising of the Sigler Syndicate, can I have control of the Eastern Mass forces? If not all of New England, i think i can settle for that. Just be sure to reassign me as Mayor and/or Governor-Militant of some where else after words. Like Utah. Cause the current town i’m in sucks.

    –Denver 4 President–

    The Wednesday after that, which would give us 3 episodes in one week? Or–God forbid–the NEXT Wednesday, which would give a delay of more than a week? Tell me, for I want to know…

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