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wtf sacred cow tv episode

  • @trianglesarehere: First off, it’s an indie film basically shot on a budget of zero. What Earl Newton, Toby Turner and Kevin Capizzi accomplished is amazing considering that.

    Second, any time you adapt a book to film, there will be changes. Some things play well on paper that don’t play well on film, and vice verse. I gave Earl the rights to adapt the story, at which point it becomes a creative effort of Earl based upon my story. Once the cameras roll it’s his. I didn’t hire him to make it, he made it on his own. I was heavily involved in the script, but Earl is the one that put the project together, and as the captain of that ship he gets to do what he wants.

    So it’s like an identical twin separated at birth and raised in another country, rather than having my baby killed and raped.

    I absolutely loved the episode. Earl did a fantastic job.

    wtf was with the sacred cow episode gordo was a total faggot in it and thats not what happed in the story i mean it was ok but i loved the story and that was like someone took your baby and raped scott you should bne offended

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