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WTF Do I Buy With iTunes Gift Voucher?

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    What a handy tool, still doesnt tell me who is rubbish and why or who’s voice is pure sex like my fellow junkies doo!

    Grant (Grunt) Green – The Green Grunts Gonna Getcha!

    If the readers terrible I just can’t listen. I get too annoyed.
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    So Bad, but a must listen… The Aventures of Sherlock Holms read by Unknown… This kid must be from Bakersfield or something. I’m sure he’s heard OF english accents but I don’t think he’s actually ever heard one. That dosen’t stop him from trying to sound like he’s always spoke with one.
    I do like Treasure Island read by Adrian Praetzellisand Wuthering Heights read by Ruth Golding. Scott Sigler is the Grand Daddy Purple of them all tho. Hail Sigler !

    Been listening to audiobooks for years and over the time I’ve encountered some truly appalling readers. Generally though the professional stuff seems to be fine. I came across a reader by the name of ‘Toby Longworth’ recently and he was really good. He usually reads the audiobooks from Black Library and is worth a listen, if you like that kind of novel.

    I can’t listen to anything from libravox. Tried a few times but every couple of episodes it was a totally different reader and most of them were terrible. I generally find though that it’s in the podosphere that I find terrible readers. There is such a breadth of talent and yes, I have been totally spoiled by 29 years of Sigler goodness. Right from the beginning his voice has never, ever, grated on me and has only improved over time. By contrast I couldn’t get past the first episode of a particular book because the reader had me constantly wanting to inhale, and not in a good way. The story may have been good but I’ll never know.

    From what you’ve said though I’ll probably avoid Brick, if he doesn’t add to the story then he’s only detracting from it, which is a shame really.
    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    the second book sounded exactly the same. He doesn’t use any inflection in his voice to build tension or show emotion at all. By the time I heard the third book by him I thought I was listening to the same story, I saw that he was the top reader over there and I dont get it. Maybe I’ve become spoiled by the FDØ, but I have been into audiobooks for years and have heard many wonderfull readers who manage to add to the story with there voice in many subtle ways. Brick just doesn’t do that, But its just my opinion and we all know the old adage about those.
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    artist you like so you can see what other people listen to or how they rate songs.
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    Scott Brick is one of the most popular readers on Audible. He read the first audiobook I ever heard, and he was way better than the second hack I listened to. I haven’t heard anything since, but am about to listen to another one read by him; I’ll see what he is like the second time around.

    I do recall, howver, that he did not do female voices very well. But I think that’s a pretty common problem. *COUGH* *COUGH* *SIGLER* COUGH


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    That’s the second messed up musical thing I’ve discovered from posting here. First off is that some people actually have a Zune, and now, Ping? Seriously? You guys use that? I’ve never bothered with it because everywhere said it was lame and pointless and just another way to spend cash on iTunes.
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    Theres a great little Scott Sigler app in the app store.

    what people are buying and see what they like. Other then that, I would say dont buy anything read by Scott Brick this guy can put History teachers to sleep with his flat droning voice! I have gotten 3 books read by him and I now check to see how is doing the reading, if its him I don’t buy it no matter what!! If you want lots of voices and accents and characters your gonna really have to look for books and sample them, there just aren’t a lot of readers that will do that much work. Patient Zero by Jonathan Mayberry is great and so is The Dragon Factory by the same author.
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    So I get a $50 iTunes Voucher for a gift since I am seen around the ffice listening to my iPhone constantly (as any junkie does)…

    So WTF do I buy with this thing?

    Can someone reccommend a good (well produced) Audiobook?

    I am amazed at some of the poorly produced trash that you pay for compared to the awesome production and quality that gets given away by the FDO!

    Definantly worth buying the hardcovers and more!


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