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WTB The Rookie

  • I have both The Rookie and The Starter up on my site at as a gift for a donation of $150 or more.

    I am raising money for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically my local one here in Seattle.

    I just put a copy on ebay starting at $100, in case you are still looking.

    Wow. Just saw this very same seller on eBay has re-listed the book for $699 instead of their previous $9.99. I just took delivery of my copy, numbered and signed from Amazon. Paid $100

    also one on ebay currently at $9.99

    I’m in the same boat as you Tux, only recently heard about the GFL books and have devoured the first two podcasts. Very disappointed to find out that I couldn’t get my hands on the hardcover of the Rookie ($380 on Amazon is a bit over the top) but have ordered the other 3, and will be pouncing on the remaining books as soon as they’re available to order. I’d even be satisfied with a 2nd printing, but it doesn’t seem like that’s on the cards.

    Also, someone needs to invent scrolling face tattoos like John Tweedy’s because I’m in the market haha

    This will
    definitely not be resold. This is for my personal collection. I want
    to have all of them as they come out and I want them to be first
    editions but I didn’t even hear about them until a couple months ago.
    I’m just a Johnny-come-lately looking to catch up 🙂 If you do have an
    extra copy that you will be giving away or selling at a reasonably price
    I am really interested.

    hang around a while on the forums and I might eventually be persuaded. I’ve actually given away many copies of Scott’s books only to see them being sold later. ;-( Thus I’m a little leery at this point about giving away more books.

    Sweeten the deal! Offer to buy them one of every t-shirt and you’ll clean their toilet for a month. I’d give you one for that. But alas, I do not have one either, just ebook.

    Oh I know you can read them using the kindle…I downloaded a copy last week and read it. However, after reading I wanted to purchase the books because I loved them and now I cannot get a copy of the first. I have a co-worker who has 3 copies but will not sell me one :(. I was hoping someone with multiple copies might take pitty and sell me one but I am not willing to pay $200.

    The brain washing is working.

    His repetitive rants are starting to sink in. We are all in trouble. 😀

    The hardcover is currently sold out. It was a limited edition and ony 3,000 were printed and they are all sold. But you can still buy the ebook for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony….and all epub compatible devices. My God, I just sounded like a Sigler promo! Anyway, you can download the app to read ebooks free even if you don’t have an ereader device. Until they release The Rookie in paperback, that is the best option right now….unless you want to spend a few hundred dollars from Amazon or Ebay.

    Tux: unfortunately you missed the sale of the last signed copy about a little over a month ago… Maybe almost 2 months. As of now, the only place to get the hardcover is via for-sale sites like amazon and eBay. And they are starting to get more and more and more. Looks like the cheapest on amazon right now is $208…

    I want to buy a copy of The Rookie. Does anyone know where I can get one? I have the other two and have pre-ordered the next one. Found these 2 weeks ago, read them, and fell in love! Please help out a fan!

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