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Writers Block

  • These work for me: 1) change locations. Take your computer (or your legal pad) and continue the writing someplace where you don’t usually work on it. For me, the greater the change, the better it works. 2) Work on a different writing project, but don’t simply stop writing. Actually abandon the story you’re working on and start something else. 3) No matter what, even when there’s not a block, always be ready to take notes. I wake up in the middle of the night with nuggets of stuff I think might be good. If I jot it down, I’ll go right back to sleep. Ideas also come when I’m not trying to work on a particular essay, etc. (Similar to #1.) I’ll jot a note or two and then press on with whatever I was doing. Bottom line for me–I can’t force myself past a block, but I can encourage my brain past it…

    – Verveces tui similes pro ientaculo mihi appositi sunt. (I have jerks like you for breakfast.)

    1; Wait for it. Good writing should flow from your mind to the page. Don’t let any ideas make a detour through your brain. You’ll usually end up changing things and "rewriting" and editing before it gets written down and then your original thoughts get lost.

    2; If you’re having way too much trouble getting the words right, try acting out the scene. Not in your head, physically act it out, playing all the parts as if you were on stage or in the movie. You might want to record at least the audio in case you get so caught up that you forget all the good stuff.

    This has always been a big problem with me and getting any sort of writing off the ground.  I have days when I get sort of "flashes" of inspiration, and will churn through several pages rather quickly, but then I get to sticky parts where I just simply can’t find the right words.  I have the ideas clear in my mind, but just actually getting them written so that they make sense when read, eludes me.  I end up getting frustrated at myself, and the work, and just leaving it for a few days, weeks, etc. and only really feel drawn back to it when another flash hits.

    I was wondering if you ever suffer from this, and if you do what tactics have you found that work to get past it quickly.

    If anyone else has suggestions i’d be glad to hear them.

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