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  • Least you guys had Barry Sanders.  All we have is the memory of making John Elway bitch that the Kingdome was too loud.

    Outside of the ’05 season, I’ve had nothing but heartache since my dumbass picked up the mantel when I was 3.  It’s been 25 years of a meaty fist in the ass ever since, so I feel your pain.

     Then we will get all the good pre-game galactic war stories, AND I WILL DIE A GLORIOUS DEATH FOR SIGLER!


    "Get sacrificed! I don’t subscribe to your religion!" – Ringo

    I’m a fucking Lions’ fan to the core. So I don’t want to hear your candy-ass crying about "what a bad season" you had, you hear me?

    Fucking brilliant piece of work. 

    I follow several different sports, but my fanaticism for football trumps all of the others.  I was blown away by the fact that there were times in the story where I was as anxious and excited for hearing about the game as I am for actually watching the Seahawks play on Sundays (first one who talks smack about last season gets kicked right in the taint). 

    Now begins the soul searching question of which Krakens jersey do I get….

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