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Would Sklorno really dominate soccer?

  • Well, if Sklorno were playing, a lot of it would probably take place in the air. Player kicks it up high, other player intercepts and kicks it toward goal.

    That being said, we don’t know much about how well a Sklorno would do using only feet. Not enough evidence.

    However, if humans and Sklorno were playing together, the Sklorno would probably dominate by religiously sacrificing their bodies as the human players flopped on the ground pretending to be hurt. The humans would then be eaten in this defensless state for not being worthy of playing the game.

    I thought about this and I don’t think they would. I mean soccer now isn’t neccessarily dominated by really fast guys.

    I don’t even think players like Messi or Maradona were straight-line fast like Usain Bolt they just had terrofic balance, touch, vision and dribbling ability. Also they have a low center of gravity which Sklorno don’t have because they’re so tall.

    Also since they’re not as strong they could easily be outmuscled by Quyth? Human? Centerbacks.

    They’d proabably dominate basketball though.

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