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Workouts & Sigler

  • That I am not in total pain while urging or doing extreme sit ups ( one person holds you ankles and you sit up and then stand with out using your hands and jab left the right then get back down on the ground, again not using your hands, and doing that 20 more times) I do sometimes get strange looks from the other rowers… all except for one of the other rowers on my team that I’ve hooked on the crack that is the work of sigler. She just nods b/c she’s listening to the same stuff as me (we’re both listening to infected at the same time, kind of like some demented rowing/sigler book club )

    Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes

    I actually look forward to spending an hour on the elliptical on the one hand, but on the otherr hand I get fuckin’ pissed that I blow right through the starter before I get to listen to it on the weekly weekend 16 hour drive. I’ve now experienced all the podiobooks, audiobooks, and printed books of the FDO’s that I can get my hands on. Damn you Sigler write faster!!!!!!! Oh and please kill me as a character in some horrible fashion… if you get the chance… at a later date. Sorry, sorry lost my head for a moment there. Just freaking out trying to wait for The All-Pro preorder on Friday!

    All hail the FDO!

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    They have various paced, length music. I love their intervals workouts, really helps me improve my time doing to intervals.
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    People probably thought he was an idiot for trying to molest someone in the middle of the jam-packed cardio room!
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    Really gets the heart working. Cardio cardio cardio. The zombies will pick off the weak and the slow first.
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    you could have jumped off and drop kicked him!
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    I generally listen to stories in the first mile or so while im still warming up and tend to get bored if I don’t have something to distract me. Then its Disturbed, Rob Ziobie and Shinedown until i can’t hear anymore. or run anymore.

    And it’s not a very good one. If I’m not doing intervals of some kind, I tend to fight the urge to swallow my tongue and can’t nearly keep the intensity up. Try as I might, I can’t make myself zone out while doing it, but if I’m keeping an eye on the clock for when I need to kick and when I need to slow down, it seems to go much better for me.
    …or when I’m supposed to slow down, but just as the last interval ends the song Regin Smiður by Tyr comes on and the little sweat suit clad voice in the back of my head I’ve dubbed “Coach” pipes up and suddenly I’m doing a mild sprint for an additional 6 minutes cause the song is so $#!@ing awesome.

    Seriouisly…this song rules:–DUDg
    …and cause Coach is a dick.


    or eliptical, where I can set the program to be a hard workout and then zone out. When I’m out actually running/walking it’s gotta be music so I can keep on pace.
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    I’ve got to listen to something that violently assaults my eardrums when I work out. If I listen to a story, I don’t push myself nearly as hard as I should.

    That sounds like a good idea. I usually wind up listening to Scotts storys while I am at work given that I work the night shift and there is no one else up there. It makes work go by fast but I burn through his stories soooooo fast!!! 🙁


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

    of the other exercisers….
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    I was listening to one story while on the treadmill and my hubby came up behind me and touched my arm to get my attention. Well, it got everyone’s attention when I screamed and practically fell off the treadmill.
    (The Big Guy knows now to approach from the front and wave or just wait until I acknowledge him. No sneaking up from behind. Ever!)
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    Is it sad that I look forward to working out so I can listen to podcasts of Sigler novels? Not only that, but there’s a doppelganger of Scott at my gym….which is just….weird. Always a little unsettling when you’re listening to something horrendous in a Lovecraft monster type fashion eating somebody with a fork while trying not to look warily at the guy next to you on the elliptical. Just saying…

    Anyway, I look forward to all the Junkie goodness and the workouts that Scott’s fiction novels have made much more enjoyable.


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