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Will there be a follow up for Contagious?

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    You ask and Bellabot provides. VoilĂ !

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    … of all of the books he is planning to write and when to approximately expect them to be published … Bella may know of a link … Pandemic is so far away that you should just buy all of his books that you haven’t read yet and spend the time catching up with the rest of the Sigler yummiliciousness and then reread Infected and Contagious and THEN Pandemic MIGHT be out …. 2nd quarter 2013 … OK so there is a publishing timeline … I could swear I read somewhere that the story lines in the books are on one big timeline … Can someone direct me to that bit of wishful thinking …. Thank you!!

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    Contagious is the second book of a trilogy. The third book is called Pandemic. From what I have seen from him on facebook he is currently writing the outline for it.


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    Just read this book, and didn’t find a similar topic so I figured I would make one.

    Absolutely amazing book; any idea if there will be a follow up?

    I realize that how the book ended makes it pretty unlikely for one unless he gets bored, but I just HAVE TO ask.

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