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will the rookie and the starter be sold at book stores

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    Usually in order to do that you have to get a big publisher to print the books, a distributor to send the books out, and get the book chains to actually buy the books. All of which takes savage chunks out of the profits from the books. The Rookie and The Starter are self-published and sold directly, thus giving the FD0 enough profit that he can afford to write (and hopefully print) the next book in the series. Many authors who only sell through big publishers find they have to hold down a day job, or else they slowly go broke, despite being a bestselling author who sells millions of books a year. It is a vicous system that only profits the publishers and the distributors.

    But at least authors don’t have the RIAA claiming that everyone who listens to a podiobook is a pirate and owes them millions that they will “pass on to the artists”.


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    Why would you want to go to a brick and mortar store…and spend an extra 20-50% on the book? Just send all your monies straight to DM, that way you pay less, and our FDgets all the proceeds…Well…most…cept what he pays the publishing company…and what he pays his staff…and….

    DAMMIT JUST BUY STRAIGHT FROM HERE! If you don’t have a CC to do so, go to WalMart, or RiteAide, or any other chain store, and buy one of those prepaid reloadable cards with a Visa, Master Card, or American Express logo on it. Computers accept those…

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    I think Scott or A said all 6 or 7 GFL books would be published by Dark Overlord Media.

    so far that means 3000 limited run sold online.

    when the series is finished and the limited run is sold out i’m sure a major publisher will pick it up for a wide paperback run. (probably some sort of box set)

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    but I don’t think they will be at any brick and mortar stores.


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    i was just wondering if there will be any other place besides to but theesae two books

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