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Wiki Soldiers

  • Thanks for the assistance.

    Maybe the Lord High Emperor will go to the Nocturnal page and make sure that we have the names spelled correctly of who’s been mentioned so far.

    Wired Pig
    Married, again, with 5 daughters… Scott has NO idea what true horror is.

    If someone could do just a page for names I would be seriously indepted. They’re really good to use in video games and I like to have correct spelling. I also tend to hear everything just a little off so I never get names right.

    Funny, I was just taking a look at that earlier. Let me see if I can get the Wiki to let me log in this week and I’ll take a look at what I can do as a Sigler Soldja


    I am looking for more street level pushers to help me roll out more of that good Sigler smack.

    I need my soldiers to –

    Upload images to the Wiki of drawings/artwork from any of the novels and short stories. the images need to be FREE. If you find them on Flickr the images must be marked with a Creative Commons license that allows us to use it OR you must get explicit permission from the owner for us to use it. Place that information in the Summary on the upload page (see below) along with the URL you found the image at.
    You can upload the images here –

    I need a soldier or two to look over the Wiki entries for the novels / short stories and see what extra information you can add.

    Lastly, I have started the Nocturnal Wiki page and need a grunt to keep that page up to date after each episode is released.

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