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Why winter?

  • Nice & warm there. Plenty of scantily clad flesh to fall on. Time it to realease based on barometric pressure readings just before just before a hurricane & people would be inside for up to a week, then would be too paranoid to come out by then. Not to mention the storm would churn the hell out of the spores in the air and cause widespread infection.

    Not just in the woods anymore eh?

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    just enough people in the streets to infect with the spores but not many people are out and about in the cold… so less people to discover the hiding place and less people to notice the hosts as they make thier way to ‘the place’

    Plus blood looks frickin awesome in the snow!



    there’s no way they were gonna miss Michigan play at home!

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    … and my theory is that the Orbital had to release the payload through a count-down feature, rather than choosing the time of the year. It just so happened that when the timer hit zero, then it was winter.

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    Or maybe he was doing that self-examination for testicular cancer thing doctors, at least here in the UK, are always going on about.

    well it also could have figured that if theystay inside after implantation of the spore that they would besafe until able to influence the host, control the host or hatch

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    LOL, thanks.

    I thought the same thing about a triangle on Perry’s junk. Maybe he’s a close Polar Bear Club member?

    Really, how did the triangles get on Perry’s Balls??? And hello new Junkie.. All of 23 minutes and all ready creating a thread. Good Job

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    Why did the orbiter chose to launch the ‘invasion’ in the dead of winter in Michigan? Seems like if it was watching the earth for many years then it would know that more people would be outdoors (= more to infect) in a warmer climate or a different time of year.

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