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Why the Rookie "works"

  • It’ll be nice to be getting all fired up about the start of the GFL Tier Two season just as the NFL season is beginning. I just wish a fraction of the NFL players today had the team-first mentality that Quentin managed to develop in his first year in the GFL.


    How can there not be a Rookie sequel without John Tweety?

    Well – pre-season 2008 can not get here fast enough then. The Rookie has been by far my favorite Sigler masterpiece. My #13 Krakens jersey is hanging in my closet right now and I break it out most Sundays and wear it while watching the games. I think the combination of a very popular sport and sci-fi is a great mix – brilliant!

    I think it’s confirmed that “The Starter” will follow the Krakens. The trick, with adding new characters will be the fact that because the Krakens were promoted to Teir 1, their roster is now locked in place for the next season. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to fill the holes in the team due to deaths…

    isnt it true that the “off season between tier 2 and tier 1 is like a week anyway so thats gona be a good oppotunity for the overlord to introduce any new alien/human’s to the mix

    I love any and all questions about THE ROOKIE. I am planning to launch THE STARTER during the NFL pre-season for the 2008-2009 season. I have a lot of writing to do to pull that off, but that’s the plan. Why does it work? Because the Krakens have a quarterback with FUCK YOU tattooed on his chest, that’s why. Barnes is no pretty-boy, and his single-minded focus on winning provides a simplicity we all kind of admire. He is in this life to win football games, nothing more, and he knows it.

    Personally, I think that I would like some mention of the off season, no matter how short it is, but Scott has to worry about the storyline and the pacing of the action. A single chapter about the off season to introduce a new player would be fine, but the action’s got to roll. The rookie works because it speaks to everyone at a lower more “base” level. When you simply watch a game on TV you don’t know what the players down below are thinking or feeling. You see the results of the play, but not what it takes to get there and actually do the job day in and day out. Scott has done a fantastic job of drilling down and exposing the fleshy soft underbelly of the sport. He could have picked almost any violent, competative physical game (such as hockey), and it would have worked, but he knows football and it provides a great vehicle for this particular story line. Kudos to Siggy may his entrails never rot on the sacrificial stone!

    One question: Who’s going to replace “The Machine”? Personally, I think it should be some racist bastard like Quentin was before he pulled his head out of his arse. I should create a new forum for that question. That would be a cool one to get everyone’s take on.

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    I grew up being dragged to my step-father’s weekly family get-together, where they’d all get snookered and watch American Football all day…

    I grew to loathe the game.

    While I first resisted Rookie on principle, I’m just glad that I gave it a fair shake. For me, I don’t think that having it coincide with the American Football season would help or hinder my keeping up with the story, but I could see that it’d do better in an American venue if the Rookie 2 did work with the game’s season.


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    it would be cool to hear about the preseason and what they’re doing coming up to the first game

    I hope that its mainly the same characters. IE. Scott sticks with the kraken’s and maybe slowly introduces a few new characters. I hope he doesnt start with a whole new team. I have love listening to quentin, now that he has grown up. Plus I dont know about you junkies, but I would really miss John Tweety.

    BTW Scott, is Chick McGee going to be back? 🙂

    Simple, the start of the novel coensided with the start of the NFL season. Sure it lasted longer, but it worked. You were kept in suspense as to what would happen next.
    Recommendation? Depending on the format of the next novel, the build up chapters to the first game should happen during preseason so the first game starts the week of opening kickoff. This should be moved up depending on the format. Thoughts?

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