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Why is Perry not a pile of black goop?

  • It sounds like I was right and Margo figgered it out…. some how. 

    It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.

    I guess maybe not..

    Viable but I’md hate to  compared it to the ultra epic reason that The Sig is going to bestow upon us.  

    It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.

     Until the FDO fills us in on why Perry lived, your guess is a very viable one.  

    "Get off… the nuclear… warhead."

    Cause he’s got discipline, that and he’s not a puss

     isn’t it possible that the doctors at the hospital or the CDC chick figured out what was happening in his shoulder and found the enzyme to reverse it? Told ya it was lame.

    It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.

    I have a feeling that his problems are not over with. The poor bastard!

    A.K.A. O.D.B. The Old Dirty Bastard

    He’s a mutha-fuckin Dawsey, thats why!

    "Suffer the Kobolds, for they shall rise up to beat you senseless."


    he is still alive,

    IT’S ALIVE!!
    oops, wrong story….nevermind

    The same chemical imbalance that makes Perry so fucked up and violent in the first place also protects him from the chemical imbalance that the triangles laid on him. Just a thouight. 

    ..No Bounce..

    …No Play…

    That shit really works!

    I see where you’re coming from. Fuck Yeah, Junkies, what’s the deal? Why didn’t Perry dissolve?


    I have no doubt that our FDO has a cunning plan to extracate Perry from the doom of black goopness.

    I was just wondering what ideas other junkies might have – prior to finding out in 11 days



    How about I not tell you everything in the first chapter?

    Also there was reference to structures in his brain in the second episode, which is probably why he can hear the traingles.

    They might be playing a role too



    Only the triangles!

    There was a whole chapter in the book about the way the living triangles stopped the apoptosis enzyme from going on a rampage by "balancing out" with another enzyme.

    Later when he killed the one in his shoulder, there was something about the other living ones stopping the process from taking over his whole body but not being able to stop the rot in his shoulder.



    Becuase he’s not dead yet! You only turn into black goo after you die.  

    Remember the chicken scissors – and other horrible things to remove all the triangles?

    I took him 5 months to recover so maybe they got to him in time to remove the affected areas before the damage became to extensive OR the one Triangle over his eye that didn’t develop fully keep enough of the enzyme or what ever chemical in his blood stream that inhibited the (self destruct?) pods from rupturing on the deceased triangles while others were still alive. Not sure cause I cant remember right off if the triangle over his eye ended up dieing. Like I said just a guess.

    “[No matter where you go, there you are] – And Sigler knows exactly where there is! ”

    Okay, I’m 2 episodes in, but I’m wondering why Perry hasn’t succumbed to apoptosis that featured in several chapters of Infected.

    How did they "cure" his rotting shoulder? (Not to mention the rot that must have started in his back and but) Ideas?

    Waiting to be blinded with science.



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