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Why do you scare me sh**less? (and more importantly why do i keep coming back?)

  • I like the way he does the voice acting. It really drags me into the story. And a side effect of that is that you always know who is speaking or whatnot.

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    Nipper, did you call the FDO “Uncle Siggie” as a tip of the hat to another horror author who often goes by “Uncle Stevie?” If so, that’s a huge, flattering statement for our FDO!

    – Prospice tibi–ut Gallia, to quoque in tres partes dividaris.

    Every one of Uncle Sigie’s postcasts made me very happy. When a scene got pretty intense, I’d always have to stop what I was doing, and curl up with the giggles!

    The Infected novel in written form was a very different matter. I’m not saying I didn’t love it, but it genuinely gave me the creeps. I personally thought the phenomenon was very interesting!

    Maybe it was the great job of tweaking and editing. Maybe hiding under the covers with a good book just has that effect on me.

    In any case, no book has ever frightened me to the point of being too scared to get out of bed and go potty in the dark. Never.

    Congratulations, Scott! You nearly made me wet the bed…

    DO IT AGAIN!!!!Laughing

    Before discovering Sigler’s work, I was the odd man out in my family who had really no interest in scary movies. Because I never got into the movies, I didn’t bother with the books or audio much other than a few Stephen King ones recommended by a friend.

    I loved the Resident Evil game series because with that, I was engaged in a story amused by the B-movie voice acting and generally trying to shoot anything that moved. Most horror flicks just didn’t have enough of a story that I gave a damn about. Then there was Earthcore…

    The story was immediately compelling but I was equally entertained by the author’s dynamic personality and antics on the mic. Next thing I know, I’m a freakin’ junkie fangirl… Thanks, Scott!


    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner

    I have proof Sigler Godd has a third job. Writing small books and pamphlets about adult incontinence. I found this on on the same page as a copy of Earthcore there trying to sell for $135.00
    “The North American adult incontinence market. (may exceed baby diaper sales) (includes related article on incontinence supplies industry forecasts) (Cover Story): An article from: Nonwovens Industry by Scott D. Sullivan and Scott Sigler (Digital – Jul 28, 2005) – HTML
    Buy: $5.95
    Available for download now”

    You want scary? When Scott tops this I will give him scary:

    You are lieing in a hospital bed, you have felt bad for weeks. You have collapsed a couple of times. You have lost 60 lbs in the last 2 months. You are having trouble even breathing. Pain is your constant companion. You are waiting for your wife to show up when a doctor that has been working with you walks in. He says: “Well, we now know what is wrong you you, you have cancer”.

    It was only after I worked up enough guts to ask, “Is it terminal?” that the Doctor realized that no one had prepared me for those words, and no one had given me any clue I could survive it.

    I did survive, because I am one mean, tough, SOB and I wasn’t going out to some disease like that.

    That’s frightening.

    I think it’s just that Sigler’s particular brand of sick-fuckedness is highly contagious. We are all now carriers.
    Hutchins is Legend.
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    sigler-bug (DAMN HIM)
    using that term while talking about infested/infection……..very interesting……could it be an epidemic in the making??

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    I’ve seen my share of Zombie movies and games such as Resident Evil. I could never really get into it because the focus is COMEPLETELY on the monster. Scott makes it ok for me because the whole story supports the gore. You get snippets of other sci-fi things going on. Think about Earthcore (for example). You didn’t see the monsters for a good while into the book so you got to hear all about the mining process and stuff.

    Infection is definately the exception to that though. 90% of the book is focused on Perry’s mutilation.

    I think once you get the Sigler-bug, you’re doomed. ~_^

    i used to scoff (sp?) at horror fiction, thinking it too benal and common (of course it is), but listening to sigler’s (DAMN HIM) stories on escapepod got me listening to his books and that got me listening to pseudopod, now i am hooked on bloody (and not so bloody) horror. scott (DAMN HIM) has a way of endearing and repulsing his audience (junkies) that keep us coming back for more story and abuse. guess that’s why he (DAMN HIM) calls us his (DAMN HIM) junkies.
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    Before listening/reading Scott’s novels, I had never read a horror novel. Novels that were creepy? sure…Thrillers? sure…but for the most part I stuck to classic literature, political/historical genres and the occasional fantasy novel.

    Scott’s books opened up a whole new genre for me. I never understood why someone would want to read a bloody novel but now I am addicted. Its actually been very interesting since then. I don’t think I would have ever moved on to zombie novels. I still don’t actually read horror (if its not Scott’s work) but I consider zombie novels my baby steps towrd a new a bloody world.

    However, I digress. In my case, I keep coming back for more because I enjoy listening to the novels — the intonation and suspense in the vocal versions of these well thought out stories, allow a level of creepiness I could never muster in my own internal voice. Also, I think Scott’s affable nature and willingness to keep and stay in touch with his fans, personalizes the experience and allows for a connection to not only the novels but to the author himself. Think about it….what other author would afectionately call you a bitch or tell you to quit whining? Its simply brilliant.

    I assume he does it with a carfull combination of high quality with overall free-ness.



    you rock
    but seriously how do you get so many people to listen

    p.s. im the guy that you visited the blog of and you saw my post on king of splatter fiction.
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