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    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    Da Fearyaa hit me when the description of the next diagram was made. I research runes and hyloglyphs(ms) a long time ago. So far if could be a classical ward to bind disembodied entities, a consciousness astral projected, or temporally holding an entity that has never had a physical form. An Imp cage? daemon trap?

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    I’m thrilled you shit your pants. That’s my job. Not exactly a cool job like "movie star," but hey, it’s a gig.

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    I was going to put this in the feedback thread but every thread I open up just gives me a white page for some reason :-/

    Anyway I listened to ep 1 on the way to work yesterday morning. I was driving down the dual carriageway when Scott was reading the bit in the cellar of the China Town joint, and the loud sound effect (a) nearly made me shit my pants at the same time as (b) I nearly left the road, which nearly caused me to do an (a) again.

    And I love the incidental sound effects. Just my 2 penniesworth. Glad to have you back Scott/Stipe.

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