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Who Was Your Pusher?

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    I was just thinking about that the other day.  i’ve only been around for a month or so.  i listened to infected over a week and the first few feeds of contagious.  Now I’ve starte the rookie based on the feedback here.  I was trying to remember how I stumbled upon the site in the first place, and i have absolutely no idea.  I work in the internet industry, so I spend many, many hours a day at the computer bouncing around the net, and I’m usually just absent mindedly floating from site to site when I’m at home, so there’s no telling what rube goldberg contraption of a link path i followed to get here.  I’m just glad I did.

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    I was searching for Charles Dickens + Audio Books and I came accross an article comparing Scott Sigler’s weekly podcast to the syndicated news paper method Charles Dickens used in his day. So I guess you could say Charles Dickens spoke from the grave.

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    Saw the link on his site and came over here.

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    I heard the promo for Nocturnal in her Playing for Keeps feed. I was skeptical at first, since horror and sci-fi were not one of my preferred genres, but after hearing the promo several times in later episodes, I decided to give it a shot and I’m very glad I did. Now I’m hooked.

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    Don’t Start Nothin’ Won’t Be Nothin’

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    I hate to admit it but I started out listening to 7th Son and when Hutchins started pushing Sigge’s crack I was wooed over.  Damn Hutchinsssssssssss.


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    I heard of the FDO in a kind of drawn out way. I often do work with and for a paranormal investigator named Joshua P Warren. He has a radio show called Speaking of Strange. I was doing some research while half listening to the show, and JC Hutchinssss was on pimping his book 7th Son (isn’t he always? =P). My husband decided that we had to listen to it. Hutchinsss kept mentioning Infected. I got all curious and DL’d the first Infected podcast. 

    From there my addiction just got worse and worse and I’m now the damned dirty junkie you see before you.

    I put the laughter in manslaughter.

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    he was just laying their in the middle of the highspeed internet highway.

     I thought Oh I will just give a little listen and the next thing I knew 

    something was reaching its way through my ear canal into my brain 

    and I was HOOKED. 

    and that is why sigler is a bastard. OOOPS is this the wrong post 

    for sigler is a bastard.  he was MY pusher

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    my pusher was actually a magazine called MacFromat. they had the rookie on a dvd added to one of their issues…And of course  I’ve promoted sigler. to all the people that will listen. And those that didn’t want to hear me will be the first to die when the plaid tanks roll into town…

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

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    So Then Fellow Junkies, Who was your pusher, and have you shaired the favor and been a pusher to others?

    My pusher was a man named Herr Riz, he has pushed to 5 people that i know of, and i myself have pushed to others. I have pushed to my friends 5, my wife who hates all other sci fi (BTW Sigler, thanks for the copy, she loves it and loves me for it). So then, Who was your Pusher?

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