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Who to listen to next?

  • More horror: RL Burt’s Come Let Me Whisper series has a lot of good stories in it, but he had to quit. Ran for ~50 episodes.  

    Violent/Comedic Fantasy: Tee Morris’ Billibub Baddings and Chrisiana Ellis Nina Kimberly are both awesome. Very different, but both good.

    Dark Fantasy: Chris Lester’s Metamor City frakkin’ rocks. I’m way behind on it, but it is excellent.

    Supervillain Comedy: Patrick McLean’s How to Succeed in Evil is a blast.

    Hard Sci-Fi: Singularity by Bill deSmedt is difficult to beat. 

    Speculative Sci-Fi: Jon Armstrong’s Grey is very entertaining. 

    Dystopic Future: The Immortals by Tracy Hickman. 

    Alternative Lifestyle: Diary of an S&M Romance by Dollie Llama. NOT for everyone. Definitely adults only with this one. 

    Pretty sure you can find all of these at Podiobooks except Metamor City. Chris runs his own site for that one, but you can still grab it through iTunes. 

    — hit for undiluted crack by our FDO! —

    Beautiful Red. Good one. Hyperborians, can’t reccomend it enough by Burton Harvey.


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

    Whos next in the good ole boys podcasting club? I started with Eley and escapepod (major crush, btw) then found my way to Sigler, Lafferty, Hutchins and then Rossi. I’m currently listening through Mark Jeffrey’s Max Quick series. Who should I move on to next once I’m done with Jeffreys?

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