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Who the heck are the "Givers"?

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    They were a very generous species until one day they became food for another species.

    I’m willing to wait and see what ever the FDØ has in store for us.

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    @Nikwörk – Perhaps you might want to wait and see what comes out re. The Givers…

    you think they might be related to the rocktapie?

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    The Givers are an elusive and ancient race…

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    Guess I need to go back and re-listen to that, because I don’t remember ever hearing about the Givers. xD Ooh, my bad memory. How I hate it so.

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    ….get some talk about them at the beginning of the Washington DC story as well.



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    ..the Timeline pages in The Rookie hardcover give the most information about The Givers. My guess is this, and many other details of the Timeline, will be expanded on in The Starter as well as the next two books planned for The Rookie Universe & the Crypt.

    All speculation…But I’ll leave the confirmations to A & Scott
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    Okay so I was reading the Galactic History timeline and I see that some race called the Givers mentioned a lot. Apparently they come from another galaxy and arrive in our galaxy some time around 2430. Apparently they set about going to other races’ homeworlds, then they leave after that race develops FTL technology. But who the heck are they??? I remember them being briefly mentioned in The Rookie, but we don’t get any backstory. Hopefully we’ll find out in the continuing Crypt stories.

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