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Who should star in the GFL Movie series?

  • I think that Tim Tebow should play Quentin because no one liked them at first but they made their way to the top. Also, they are both lefties

    Christian Kane as Yitzhak Goldman

    Quentin Barnes – Armie Hammer or Alexander Skarsgård. Both play cocky very well.
    Don Pine – Liev Schreiber or Joe Manganiello
    John Tweedy – John Tui – Big and Samoan
    Ju Tweedy – Jason Momoa – Also big and Samoan
    Ma Tweedy – Linda Hunt. Tiny woman with a commanding voice
    Hokor the Hookchest – Tony Cox or Verne Troyer. Both proven to be very animated and angry
    Gredok the Splithead – Peter Dinklage. Calm cool and badass!
    Michael Kimberlin – Dalip Singh. The guy is huge!

    I think Johnny Manziel should play Quentin. Both are cocky and arrogant. Both have controversy follow them. Both are loyal to a fault. And they are both scramblers who don’t slide.

    If any pro quarterback should play Q it should be Mike Glennon. At 6′ 7″ he’s by far the tallest quarterback in the league and matches Q’s description fairly well (except for the strength and weight)

    Wrong handed and the Purists are taught to discriminate by skin color as well…

    There’s one specific character I’d be really interested who they cast that appears in the next book.

    I don’t want to say because it’s a spoiler for this thread but I think you can guess who I’m talking about. Maybe I should create a thread in the Starter forum……

    I’d be interested to know who the FDØ himself would like to see filling the boots of his characters on the big screen..

    IMO Chris Pine would make an awesome QB – if his portayal of Kirk in Star Trek is anything to go by he’s got the arrogant rookie bit down pat..

    There’s clearly only one person that can play Pine, Sam L. Jackson [yeah he’s a little too old but once he’s covered in blue paint you won’t be able to tell]..

    I’d like to see Hugh Jackman in there but not sure where, maybe Warburg or Starcher?

    Scratch that, Dwight Schultz would make an awesome Starcher!

    Chris Hemsworth as possibly the Mad Ju,

    Verne Troyer for Hokor?

    Rutger Hauer as Killian Carbonaro!

    I’m for Chris Hemsworth as Quentin, maybe Gerard Butler as Uncle Johnny, Liev Schreiber as Ju, Hugh Jackman as Don Pine, Yeardley Smith as Ma Tweedy, and Billy West to do most of the voices of the aliens, especially the Sklorno and Prawatt.

    For the record, I freaking hate the idea of Gilbert Gottfried as Hokor. I’d actually rather Scott do that one voice because I love Hokor exactly the way he sounds now.

    Billy West could do a lot of the voices for the CG characters.

    How about Manti Teo? (Either he is really gullible or a fantastic actor.)

    @Pete-Aspin: Oh that would be awesome. But I think you’d also have to get a Samoan to play John: they are brothers, after all.

    How about Manu Tuilangi the england rugby player for Ju Tweedy

    Sam J. Jones or David Hasselhoff for Donald Pine. leaning more towards the hoff now that i think about it…

    How about Chris Hemsworth for Quentin ? And +1 for Gilbert Gottfried as Hokor!

    I’ve always visualized Quentin as Ben Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger really does seem like a more evolved human, in terms of his incredible combination of size and speed.

    Of course his off-the-field stuff kinda conflicts with Quentin being such a good guy. But it’d just a role, I mean if OJ can pull of being comedic characters…

    I agree with Texpundit Anthony Hopkins would make a great voice for Greedok; he’s getting up there in age but his voice is still pretty creepy.

    Also this might be a dumb idea, but why not get Scott to voice one of the non-human sentients? I for one am used to hearing his voice and it might be cool to not only hear one of his sentients but see it speaking with his voice as well?

    Andy Serkis as all other non-human sentients.

    Really? The Conan wanna-be?

    Mitchell Fayed could be played by Jason Statham

    Cam Newton should play Q…

    Well.. if we’re talking movie…and actual actors…I’ll create a shitload of controversy and say that, if he bulked up, Hayden Christensen for Quinten Barnes.

    If anyone has seen his movies other than the Star Wars pre-trilogy and Jumper, you’ll know he CAN act and pretty well. He plays to the part. I think that, with the “coming of age” story that Quentin has to go through, Christensen could pull it off.
    Now, with all of the aliens in the movie, most of the actors would have to be CGI, but…the question is: who would be the voices?
    Skipping back to early story, since it’s in the PNFL and mostly humans, I can make one call for a cameo to the story: Steadman Osbourne played by Robert DeNiro.
    Now.. considering that this will be at least part live action and part CGI… I’ll go from here.
    NOTE: I’m still drinking wine and this is all off the top of my head. Feel free to challenge any of my calls…but you better have a better alternative. 😉
    Hokor: Gilbert Gottfried. Imaging the AFLAC duck screaming at the sidelines. It’ll be PERFECT!
    John Tweedy: Hugh Jackman. With his performance as Wolverine…I’m pretty sure he could play the psycho.
    Speaking of psycho: Greedok the Splithead: Anthony Hopkins (voice). He has the vocal range and solid demeanor…especially when he’s in character…imagine Hannibal Lecter as an alien mob boss…with that steady voice, demeanor and ability to fuck with people. I think that would be a lock.
    Donald Pine: Bradley Cooper (in blue paint…yah yah yah). I totally think he could pull off the veteran QB.
    All other players (unless I missed someone) would be a voice… other than Yitzhak. I have nobody who would play him other than Steve Buscemi. Am I wrong?
    Challenge me… and who should play who?

    I hadn’t thought of it but I like Tim Tebow as Quentin Barnes.

    Might be a good match even though i think he was only 6’1 250 when he played bucs

    ……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000…..NOCTURNAL (Rewrite) Byron Metz (as “Baldwin Metz,” medical examiner for San Francisco police)

    I always pictured Q looking like Clay Matthews of the current era Greenbay Packers

    Ohh! and John Tweedy, I always picture Jon Favreau character the Replacements

    Sometimes a bad guy is the only good guy you get.

    He even sounds like like him a little, here’s a picture of him from The Longest Yard remake

    He’s too old to be barnes

    Aaron Rodgers should play the part of Quentin Barnes.

    I should play Fredrico… I want the suit… And I can TOTALLY pull the part off…

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