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who helped the FDO get to #33?

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    Just bought my copy today in Springfield, OHIO.

    They only had 2 copies left.

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    At the local Border’s

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    Only 3 so far here. Wifey bought me one, I bought two and gave one to the library. Spreading the words and getting a tax deduction. I plan on buying at least one more copy at Fall Church, Va. 


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    bought 4 additional copies at Murder by the Book.

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    I preorderd. I tired not to read it because I really like the excitment of the weekly podcast, but I couldn’t resist. I am reading it now.

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    I was waiting at the bookstore on day one when they opened…  and I pre-ordered one too. 

    Of course, Amazon hasn’t seen fit to send me my pre-ordered copy yet…   

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    Preordered, received and read within the first week.

    Been jonesing for Micky D’s ever since,…


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    Pre-ordered. I always get extra copies for friends, I don’t need to worry about what gifts to get them and it helps my FDO. Win-Win Baby!

    I finally got to give a US Hardback copy of Infected (also preordered) to my best friend for xmas (He’ll get Contagious for his bday) and he gave me a paper back copy of Infected. Great minds!

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    I preordered it at Amazon and also an inscribed copy from Borderlands.

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    I preordered 3

    bought 1 at M is for mystery, san mateo

    I only have one left on my shelf.

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    I pre-ordered an inscribed edition from Sigler’s local bookstore.

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    1 from Boarderlands (FDO, thanks for the awesome inscription!), 1 from Amazon and 3 from Murder by the book on the 30th for the signing there.  I have 3 more to get for the Dallas signing because they wouldn’t let me pre-order. As it is I have to call in tomorrow afternoon to have them reserve 3 books for the signing Friday.

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    I even work at borders! But its a smaller one (were inside of a mall) and we were supposed to get some first day but i called just to be sure and low and behold we didnt get them them in on the first day…but the Big borders across the street did. Unfortunatly i had to work that day so i had my roomate pick it up and ended up missing out on a hefty 33% employe discount. Oh well, it was worth it to have it waiting for me when i got home!

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    post on this forum if you preordered or bought the book within it’s first week if you got others to buy it or buy more thatn one then bonus points 2 u. i preordered and bought one in the first week.

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