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Who else obsessively listened to this after the fact?

  • It’s time to reload it and listen again!
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    A buddy of mine told me to check out Earthcore and Nocturnal, so I listened to them in that order. It was like fishing; let the fish take the bait and run with it then set the hook. I have downloaded as many of the podcast as my hard drive can hold.

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    By the time I listen through all the books, it is like listening to it all over again.

    I love APC’s, so crunchy!!!

    listened to whole book in 3 days and i just started over, love this story, have cotagious and infected in hardcover. i would pre-order nocturnal the day it was available

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    I listened to EarthCore before I listened to Nocturnal, and I liked it, but Nocturnal is definitely what got me hooked.

    It’s definitely hard to find others when he set the bar so high.

    I didn’t think I would get hooked on it, since at the time the horror genre wasn’t my cup of tea (still isn’t, to a certain extent), but damn, was I ever wrong! At the end of my school day, I would look forward to listening to an episode on my way home. I didn’t listen in the mornings because then I would have to pause it once I got to school and then I’d be dying nto know what happened next all day. And when I didn’t have an episode sitting in my iPod, first thing I would do once I got home was open iTunes and check for new updates. Eventually lead me to listening to pretty much all his stories.

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    I try to listen to someone besides the FDO and it’s just not the same! I have to re-listen to get more. Nocturnal was definitely one that I could not stay away from. Dinner time, bedtime, getting ready for work in the morning… That was an almost full-time job listening to it – I couldn’t stop!


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    I’ve listened to it probably at least a half dozen times now.

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    not much was completed. so I was in agony all week until I could get my next fix. I still go back and listen to the previous stories. they are just worth it, and help tide the agony.



    Any one gets in the way of my fix……I’ll be forced to use my teeth. Fucking straight jacket. Dam hard to type with my nose.

    Wish I could say the problem was so restrained. I listened to several episodes at home before finally tearing myself away to my responsibilities and loved ones.

    You can’t leave an episode unfinished… even if you have 30 minutes left in the episode when you get home. That trapped me quite a few times myself.

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    Between work, class, and home there are days when I am on the road for more than three hours. But even then I was still sticking around for more Nocturnal after I got home!

    … I have an hour drive each twice a day, five days a week that I can dedicate to music and audiobooks/podcasts/podiobooks as I drive to and from work…

    I find that the FDO has monopolized at least 30% of my playlist for the last 6 months… with no feelings of neglecting my other guilty listening pleasures.

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    is not only common among us junkies but I do believe our beloved FDO would find your agony for more…. delicious!
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    “This stuff is addictive. I personally neglected family, friends and more important things like writing my own novel to listen to this book. Sigler gets his teeth into your soft, tender flesh and shakes, not letting you go until he’s wrenched you through the increasingly brutal and bloody story of the Nocturnals. And he pulls no punches whatsoever. Where Hollywood would turn away or save the day, Sigler just continues to rip shreds, and it is fantastic.”

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    When I started getting into podcast novels, I began by going back to ones that were already complete, downloading them in their entirety into my iPod, and listening to them over the course of days and weeks during my (lengthy) commute.

    The whole point was that I spend hours on the road every week, so I might as well keep up with good fiction while I’m on the road rather than just tuning out. But Nocturnal screwed this up–I got so hooked on this thing that I was listening to it whenever and wherever I could, literally staying up late at night in bed listening until I was afraid I’d miss something by falling asleep.

    Nocturnal is what turned me into a proper Sigler junkie. Anyone else have a similar reaction to this book?

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