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Who do I have have to kill or sacrifice?

  • No kidding….

    I actually just re-listened to the stories a few weeks ago. I really want some more vein candy!

    When are these stories going to be released in a print format? I need me a fix …

    I’m with you, man!

    Probably would need to sacrifice The Dark 0verlord’s sanity. Though I suspect there’s not much of it left for a proper ritual. Massive pre-sacrifice injections of caffeine are likely in order.

    Who do I have have to kill or sacrifice to get The Crypt series at least as long as The Rookie?
    Seven books total planned about football players, four already written, but book two about marines not even on schedule yet?

    I know it’s coming on it’s own time, but are there any plans on The Crypt series length? Will the two year tour be over in just one/two books? Or will there be at least four or maybe even six missions/cruises during those two years?

    Oh, man, need to re-listen character stories so bad… oh yeah… fired up Lt. Epperson episode – what a bliss.

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