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Who are these alien races?

  • I’ve only read The Rookie. It made sense to ask if some of these stories were tie-ins to other books so I could look at those books next. I will admit that I’m not into horror, but I wasn’t really into Football until I read The Rookie. For me it managed to make Pro Sports interesting again.


    The timeline in the Hardcopy starts earlier than what is on the GFL Website (or the wiki timeline on this site), so it has more info.


    Maybe we’ll have a bit more revealed in The Crypt episodes that were mentioned in Scott’s babble at the beginning of the Passenger episode 2? It would be neat to see all those worlds interacting that way

    To the one of the GFL website. But yes you should buy additional copies!

    Try to keep up. Ok, so we know that the Orbital sent to Earth had cloaking technology, and that was Collectors tech, so we know that they have cloaking technology. Who else in the Siglerverse has shown cloaking technology? Remember The Tank? The alien vessel that captured the crew of The Cranky Pecker had the same light-bending cloak. Those same aliens have been speculated to be the race that drove the Roctopi to flee and hide on Earth. Now dig this. There is one other ship that has demonstrated cloaking technology and bears a striking design resemblance with the ships described toward the end of Earthcore as belonging to the enemy aliens. Anybody care to guess what ship that is? Anybody?

    The PUV James Keeling.

    POW! Wrap your brains around that, Junkies! (okay, so it’s really not that big of a deal, but I find the correllations interesting)

    **Conjunction Junction, what’s your function? No seriously, I slept through grammar class, so I have no idea what you do.**

    Maybe you should but two just in case you’re compelled to give another away…..

    The timeline was one of the best parts of THE ROOKIE. Then there were the interviews inside the program insert and a few other extras.


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Dammitl, I bought two but gave them both as gifts and never looked in either one. I didn’t know there was a detailed time line of the races in them! Now I have to buy another one!!!

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Jayguana fact, it’s very insightful as well. I think most people skimmed or overlooked the Timeline in The Rookie hardcover. The question you’ve asked shows you were paying close attention! kudos!!

There is indeed a mention of The Givers in The Crypt, however it is just a mention, no details or backstory…yet.

I remember something about the Givers I think in the crypt, but didn’t know who they were.

From which to Wiki! Got to admit I want more rookie universe story more than almost anything. Definitely jonesin for some Starter goodness!

Since this is currently the only book by the FDO that I’ve read, it seemed reasonable to ask in case some of these were tie-ins with other books. Since it said the Prawatt were created on Earth, I thought maybe they might be spun off from Infected or Ancestor or something like that.


You ask questions for which there are answers only known to one…the FDO.

The Timeline at the end of The Rookie hardcover is one of the best reasons to purchase the book. It gives insights into races, planets and events that have yet to be described in detail in any of the Rookie Universe stories (Rookie, The Crypt 01 & 02, or Title Fight).

I, for one, am hoping that more details around these races are provided in The Starter, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer for confirmation Wink

I was reading through the stuff at the end of The Rookie, and I came upon the Galactic Timeline. In reading through it I found a number of races mentioned that don’t appear elsewhere in the book. So I looked them up on the Wiki… and they weren’t there.

So I’m wondering, are there other stories that mention these races? The races in question are:

The Collectors – subjugated the Ki homeworld for a time. Attempted to invade Earth, but failed multiple times.

The Prawatt – 2015 Prawatt race created and exterminated on Earth. Yet in 2410, they are seeded on a new homeworld, and in 2434 they achieve FTL travel and soon start attacking the Rewall. They also exterminated the Kuluko. They fight in wars on and off, usually destabilizing things. They nuked their own colonies to defend against the Crederakian invasion.

The Rewall – The Rewall Association is the only other Galactic entity to fight off the Crederakians, but they otherwise don’t appear in the book.

The Givers – Came to visit the Harrah, the Kurgurk, and the Ki and see that they developed FTL, and then are eaten by the Ki? Huh?

The Kurgurk – Achieved FTL with the help of the Givers. Fought off a Sklorno attach in 2581. Defeated the Crederakians by ignoring them. Crederakians gave up and went elsewhere.

The Grasslop – Achieve FTL and run into the Leekee, who conquor them.

The Porthath – Achieve FTL in 2530. Have a huge defensive cloud that most ships don’t come out of.


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