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whip out

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    … my ass off when I read this line. Because it just how Scott describes the audio feed sometimes. This is how I found Scott’s stuff in the first place, completely by accident. I was looking in iTunes for an audio book/podcast and found Contagious started with that and had went back and cought up on all the other stuff. Nocturnal is by far my favorite.

    The quiet guy in the corner, figuring out how to destroy all of you.

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    thats cool n all, but we dont want Scott to ‘whip out’ anything now do we? dont get any ideas 🙂 we want the good old shit. and in response to amarkord, u question Siglers success and call yourself a junky?

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    I appreciate your immediate response. No wonder you are so successful.

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    I’m not sure of the origin of this slang term, but it means to create something quickly. As in, “That’s as easy as whipping it out,” which itself is a reference to a line used in the Mel Brooks movie BLAZING SADDLES.

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    page 218

    Why not whip out some bullshit fantasy novel under a pen name?

    Here whip out means rehash or produce?

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