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Wheres My shot at the big legues?

  • Hey! Ive been busting my ass for the Trappist 1f Astronomers in tier 3 for 4 years. 4 High One damned years of stinking tier three ball, breaking every franchise rushing record they got.

    My names James Richards XXII.

    Name sound familiar? it should.

    My father was James Richards XXI, back up running back for the Quyth Survivors during their run to the ’63 championship game.
    Yeah, thats the same James Richards XXI that broke out and rushed 200 yards in each of the playoff games.
    You’ll remember he only started those games because regular starter Bryntak the Durable went down in the last game of the regular season?
    Then you’ll also remember he was dropped for the championship game for the returning starter.
    Every sentient in the galaxy knows if my father started that game the Quyth Survivors would have a championship now.
    Bet you’ve not heared much about Richards XXI after ’63?
    No you wouldn’t have, he washed out of Tier 1 after the dissapointment of ’63, He couldnt deal with the could have, should have beens, and turned to drink and stims.

    He was murdered by a Sklorno Yall criminals fan in a barfight on Yall in ’70 when I was 8 years old.

    Now I live to break the line and get into the backfield so i can stamp on some cricket necks. I have 2 deaths to my name and it will be a few more before I’m done.

    There aint too many running backs posting consecutive 1500 yard seasons, so I dont care if your scouting for the Juggernaughts, the Hullwalkers or even the damn Waterbugs, get over to Trappist 1f and give me a shot.

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