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Where to find consultants?

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    Not sure where else to post this, but the “science” forum seems most appropriate.

    Scott frequently touts his team of consultants who help him get the details right in areas he’s not an expert in. My question is, where can I find my own consultants? I’m pretty sure I need at least one.

    I’m currently working on a story (more or less done, but only in the form of copious notes — I have a lot of work to do before it’s in a form I can release into the wild) that involves genetic drift, gene flow and speciation, all concepts in evolutionary biology. But I’m not a biologist. I’ve done a lot of reading on those topics, and I’m about 70 percent sure I got it right, but I’d like an actual biologist to look it over and make sure. Where can I find one? Will they even give me the time of day if I call a local university? I suspect those guys would be too busy to deal with people like me.

    Any advice?

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